Blog Banner: 9️⃣ Ethereum Name Service support – SafeKeep launch countdown #9

9️⃣ Ethereum Name Service support – SafeKeep launch countdown #9

TLDR; With the official public beta launch of SafeKeep, we are counting down the top 10 reasons why SafeKeep is the best and the only place to get a truly comprehensive understanding of your DeFi holdings. Up next is feature #9: Ethereum Name Service (ENS) compatibility.

Countdown #9: ENS is the critical infrastructure piece required for mass adoption


With SafeKeep, we've built a Google-like experience and you are free to use it with either your .eth address, or your public address hash. We want SafeKeep to be frictionless for the sophisticated DeFi investor, and so with that in mind, we’ve integrated Ethereum Name Service (ENS) across the app.

We are big fans of ENS and believe that the adoption of crypto is dependent on human-readable names. For too long, blockchain users have had to deal with kludgy public address hashes. With SafeKeep, simply type in your .eth address and be on your way. Whenever possible, we should show you your ENS name rather than the address hash. This feature will be more apparent once we launch the multiple wallet support. For example, you can see the transaction view in SafeKeep (screenshot below) showing my ENS name:


Not just .eth

We are starting to see broad adoption of ENS across the ecosystem. A good example is Argent Wallet that asks you to create an ENS name for your address under the Argent namespace: SafeKeep is powered by Covalent's DeFi SDK – so this usecase is natively supported and in line with our vision of an integrated approach to your DeFi assets. If you're an Argent wallet power user, go ahead and try SafeKeep with your address. It also automatically detects your wallet type with a visual indicator keeping you organized.

Furthermore, SafeKeep will be able to give you data that is not accessible via the Argent interface.

One more thing: See Expiring Names

A major pain point for the DeFi power user is having one single place to see all upcoming deadlines, expiries and other dates of note. We've built a section of SafeKeep for upcoming ENS expiries.

As you can see in the screenshot below, my ENS name ganeshswami.eth has expired and I haven't really gotten around to getting it renewed!


Are you on top of your expiring ENS names?

Why not partake in our public beta and give us feedback?

What's next?

SafeKeep is more than just a simple block explorer. Stay tuned for reason #8 why SafeKeep is the best record-keeping app for the sophisticated DeFi investor: Deep Transaction View.