BuildQuest Hackathon - Covalent Winners Announced!

Covalent is excited to announce the winners of the BuildQuest, a multi-week game jam and metaverse focused hackathon! We partened up with ETHGlobal to provide a $2700 USDT prize pool for all projects making meaningful use of the Covalent API. From the 4th to the 16th of March we received 23 wonderful submissions relating to gaming and NFTs, and we were pleased to choose 17 winners that will share the prize pool!

These hackers experimented with the cutting-edge of decentralize tech alongisde developers and creatives from every corner of the globe. Covalent's easy-to-use NFT APIs and on-chain gaming data provided a great foundation for devs to build with!

Quote from Jacob Willemsma, VP of Partnerships at ETHGlobal

It's amazing to see how hackers are able to build so many exciting projects with the same powerful Covalent API.

Check out the full list of winners here!. Without further ado, here are some of our favourites!


  • Live site:
  • Builders: Harpalsinh Jadeja
  • Use case: Think of NiftyGuilds like a Web3 Discord. Specifically, it's a permissionless NFT-gated group chat application. This can be a very useful tool for NFT communities to both form and communicate.
  • Covalent API: Used for fetching NFT information from a user's wallet.



Quote from Harpalsinh Jadeja, Core Dev of NiftyGuilds

Very good API with a lot of chains supported!

Akashic Recorder

  • Live site:
  • Builders: Takamasa Arakawa, AITG Samurai, Nagato Kasaki, Musashi Akizuki, Hideki Koike
  • Use case: Akashic recorder connects the data between gaming platforms and allows for the creation of a gaming reputation score.
  • Details: Akashic Recorder writes in-game events to the IPFS and blockchain, assisting in issuing NFTs as proof of fulfillment.
  • Covalent API: Used to retrieve CID information on-chain, and using this information, NFTPort mints the NFT to the game user.


Quote from Nagato Kasaki, Developer of Akashic Recorder

The Covalent API is the easiest way to analyze various transactions and contract logs over the two or more blockchains.

NFT Analytics Dashboard

  • Github link:
  • Builders: Tammo Steffens
  • Use case: This is a multi-chain NFT dashboard, featuring the ability for user to create and mint their own NFT collections, and also display the NFTs in their wallets.
  • Details: It uses Vue.js as a front-end framework, and generates a smart contract to mint NFTs. This project successfully extends Covalent's NFT Dashboard Template to include write capabilities.
  • Covalent API: Used to get both NFT market data and metadata across all chains.

Image Image

Quote from Tammo Steffens, Builder of NFT Analytics Dashboard

I was surprised how fast the performance improved in about a month and how many possibilities the primer feature gives to us developers.


  • Github link:
  • Builders: Ayush Jain, Ishika Pareek
  • Use case: GeoNFT is an NFT game where players move around in the real world to collect geolocation-based NFTs. Think of it a bit like Pokemon-Go, but for NFTs.
  • Details: The mobile app is made with React-Native, and IPFS is used to store all the NFT images and metadata.
  • Covalent API: Used to get all the data of NFTs deployed using smart contracts so that they can be rendered in the respective games.

Image Image

Quote from Ayush Jain, Builder of GeoNFT

Integrating the Covalent API was seamless and very easy. The Covalent API made it very easy for us to pull out transactional and NFT data into our app. The API is very well documented which made the integration really fast and simple.

Congratulations to all the talented participants! Check out the other BuildQuest projects here!