Blog Banner: Covalent Partners with CasperLabs to Unlock Cohesive Enterprise Data Solutions

Covalent Partners with CasperLabs to Unlock Cohesive Enterprise Data Solutions

VANCOUVER, March 10th, 2021 - Covalent is delighted to announce a technical partnership with CasperLabs, which developed and provides enterprise-grade services and support for Casper, the most reliable and secure blockchain platform-as-a-service.

Via the Casper Network, CasperLabs helps organizations eliminate barriers that keep businesses and developers from building their biggest ideas with blockchain technology. Casper’s native proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus protocol called Highway and its parallel execution engine allow the network to support applications and secure transactions at scale. By partnering with Covalent, Casper’s on-chain data is more transparent and accessible to non-technical and technical users alike.

This partnership brings the Covalent indexing querying engine to the PoS smart contracts platform making access to on-chain data seamless. As a result, this brings a host of cohesive enterprise use-cases and solutions to CasperLabs, the first of which has already been defined.

IPwe, a patent innovation company, is currently building a patent registry solution on the Casper Network in collaboration with CasperLabs. Covalent will be a critical partner in this use case by building the infrastructure to bring IPwe’s Global Patent Registry (GPR) on-chain. As critical and sensitive patent data is managed and transacted on the Casper Network, Covalent will index the data on the blockchain and integrate it with other business intelligence tools like Tableau, Looker, and more.

Quote from Ganesh, Covalent's CEO

" It’s great to be partnering with a project that places so much emphasis on removing barriers of entry. Making on-chain data accessible for Casper’s PoS smart contract platform is certainly a step in the right direction in this grand mission. I’m excited to see the enterprise data solutions that are built on Casper following this partnership especially given the use case with IPwe.

Quote from Mrinal Manohar, CasperLabs CEO and co-founder

" CasperLabs and Covalent are both committed to powering solutions that marry on- and off-chain data to create cohesive enterprise data solutions. With Covalent, customers can build decentralized applications that allow them to make informed business decisions without sacrificing data availability, security or performance.

About CasperLabs

CasperLabs, the developer of the Casper Network, provides professional services and support for organizations building on the Casper network. Guided by open source principles, CasperLabs is committed to supporting the next wave of blockchain adoption among businesses and providing developers with a reliable and secure framework to build private, public and hybrid blockchain applications. Its team possesses deep enterprise technology experience, hailing from organizations including Google, Adobe, AWS, Dropbox and Microsoft. To learn more, visit

About Casper

Casper lets organizations of all kinds realize the power and potential of blockchain technology. The Casper protocol powers the first fully decentralized, proof-of-stake blockchain network. Casper allows businesses to create new markets and unlock value by tokenizing nearly any asset, without compromising on performance or security. Activity on the Casper Network is governed by CSPR, its native token. Learn more at