Blog Banner: Announcing Covalent’s CQT Community Sale and Distribution on CoinList

Announcing Covalent’s CQT Community Sale and Distribution on CoinList

Disclaimer: The offer and sale of the tokens are not being made available within the United States, Canada, and certain jurisdictions. You will be required to provide documentation and verify your eligibility to participate.

TLDR: Covalent is doing a community token sale on Coinlist. Covalent is an indexing-querying middleware solution with major customers like 0x, Zerion, NFTX and 150+ other major DeFi and NFT projects.


For far too long, for-profit corporations have hoarded onto consumers’ data and stripped-mined them to the highest bidder. It’s time for consumers to take back control of their data. The time to do that is now.

Welcome to the new paradigm - the ownership sharing economy. For the first time in history, a project like Covalent can build a public utility and share the ownership with the many stakeholders participating in the network.

Covalent has been building an index-querying layer for the last three years, bracing the harsh crypto winter. From our humble roots as a bootstrapped company to earn the trust of major partners to our two rounds of venture private sale rounds - we have come a long way.

We are now excited to take the next major step in our evolution - which is for the first time in our project’s history we are offering the CQT - Covalent’s network access token for sale to the public. The sale will happen on CoinList. From our extensive due diligence, CoinList bubbled to the top as the premier platform to conduct a token sale.

For more information, please visit our token metrics page. For sale details, please visit the CoinList page.