Blog Banner: Covalent Closes $3.1 Million in Oversubscribed Funding Round to Build the Future of Blockchain Data Analytics

Covalent Closes $3.1 Million in Oversubscribed Funding Round to Build the Future of Blockchain Data Analytics

Covalent, a leading blockchain data querying service, is happy to announce that it has secured $3.1 million in funding co-led by private sale participants Woodstock Fund, 1kx Capital and Mechanism Capital. Other strategic private sale participants -- AU21, Brilliance, TRGC, Alameda and CoinGecko also participated in the funding round.

The new funding will be used to advance product and market development to cement Covalent's leadership in the DeFi data analytics space.

Covalent brings Blockchain Data Transparency & Visibility

Digital assets secured by a blockchain network are on the verge of breakout growth. But there continues to be blind spots everywhere when trying to understand them. There is an urgent and growing need for indexed and queryable data to aide in the transparency and visibility of these assets.

Covalent provides a unified API to bring full transparency and visibility to assets across all blockchain networks. Covalent's proprietary technology enables a "no-code" solution that solves a vast array of use-cases for wallets, exchanges, custodians and taxation amongst others. The API allows easy access to blockchain data that is normalized, unified and granular.

With the summer's DeFi yield farming craze, Covalent has seen exponential growth in the number of API calls it serves everyday to customers. A service like Covalent, with data covering over 200,000 smart contracts, is crucial for DeFi users to keep abreast of their positions and make data-backed decisions.

What to expect next

With the new funding, Covalent is opening up its enterprise offering to all developers. In addition to the current state-of-art Ethereum indexed data, Covalent is expected to expand the data coverage to Ethereum sidechains and other layer-1 blockchains that are currently live.

Investor Quotes

" The difficult-to-access granular and fragmented data problem that Covalent is solving is extremely critical to building business intelligence solutions in the blockchain space. Having already built a blockchain-agnostic solution with strong traction in their category, we believe Covalent has the potential to be a Top 50 project in the next few years. We are super excited to back the Covalent team and work with them to scale their product.

-- Woodstock Fund

" The need for access to complex data on Ethereum is exploding. Covalent provides deep insights into contracts and tracks every storage operation, which is unique in the entire space. The team has shown incredible expertise at providing this data at scale and is on an exciting path to decentralizing access to these insights.

-- 1kx Capital

" Public blockchains are data wonderlands - they can be an analyst's dream, but only with the right tools. The Covalent team deeply understand blockchain data and its many nuances. Their technology can help stakeholders across the ecosystem uncover deeper insights.

-- Mechanism Capital

A message from our CEO, Ganesh

" We started Covalent a couple of years ago because we had the foresight that transparency is crucial for the crypto industry to reach mass adoption and fully realize its potential. That clarity and futuristic outlook gave us the strength to continue grinding through the bear market. We were able to build a market-leading product, onboard industry leaders as customers and reached sustainability through profitability. With this new funding round and stellar backers, we are doubling-down on product and market development. We are building towards a future wherein Covalent plays an integral role in not just crypto, but all data locked up in private databases. The time to BUILD is now!