Blog Banner: CQT is Here!

CQT is Here!

After months of persistent technical, legal, ecosystem, and governance foundational work, we're excited to share that the Covalent governance token — CQT (Covalent Query Token) is here. The CQT contract address is 0xD417144312DbF50465b1C641d016962017Ef6240. Please be extremely vigilant. Several scams are circulating amongst groups on Telegram and Discord.

What is Covalent?

Covalent is a unified API bringing visibility to billions of blockchain data points.


Since our humble beginnings in 2017, we have been singularly focused on our mission, bringing transparency and visibility to blockchain networks. After having reached product-market fit, onboarding 200+ customers across 12 blockchains, a roster of grade A private sale participants, a 30-person stellar team, we're now ready to execute on the next evolution of Covalent. Our mission has grown in importance more so than ever in the history of blockchain networks. Today, there are billions of dollars secured by blockchain networks, and Covalent's mission is crucial for the large-scale fulfillment of the decentralization promise. With our decentralized network, we are embarking on this shared journey together.

Where is CQT Being Traded?

CQT can be found on both Centralized and Decentralized Exchanges.

Centralized Exchanges

Decentralized Exhanges

  • SushiSwap: 0x17890DeB188F2dE6C3e966e053dA1C9a111Ed4A5

Have the Covalent Smart Contracts been Audited?

Yes, both by Certik and QuantStamp.

Where can I read more about CQT token economics**?**

You can read more about the token economics on the Covalent CQT page (


A comprehensive FAQ regarding CQT can be found here.