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Dungeons & Data Winners Announcement: Master Artists, Pen Assassins and Twitter Bards

Nov 24, 2020

Calling all Twitter Bards, Pen Assassins and Master Artists. Following a hugely successful number of weeks for Dungeons & Data, we are incredibly excited to announce the winners across these three categories. Everyone at Covalent was completely blown away by the level of creativity, work and detail that went into these submissions and for that, we are extremely grateful to have such an engaging and talented community. Also, thank you for your patience as we determined the winners. It was not easy.

With regard to the distribution of rewards, this will begin immediately.

So without further ado, let’s announce the winners.

Covalent Favorites

Although every submission received was excellent, there were a few that really stunned us here at Covalent. These ranged from pieces of art all the way to infographics. Check out a few of them below.

@misscrypto2’s Master Artist Acrylic Paiting

@agafondombrow’s Pen Assassin Infographic

@Samilbayraktar’s Master Artist Philography Artwork

The Winners

Master Artists

Each of the following Master Artists will receive 200 USDT. Salutations to DeFi_Girl for both of their submissions winning - an exceptional case!

  • @agafondombrow
  • @misscrypto2
  • @godsamix
  • @defi_girl (x2)
  • @cryptomaster2345
  • @Samilbayraktar
  • @Ighcrypto
  • @alexer314
  • @madmaxus
  • @barslanhan
  • @badshah034
  • @mahessapap
  • @muyon
  • @cnzenitsu

Pen Assassins

Each of the winning Pen Assassins will receive 200 USDT. Check out their submissions below.

Twitter Bards

Finally, the Twitter Bards! Firstly, we have three lucky winners who will get 100 USDT.

  • @muyon
  • @ThaCryptoPlumber
  • @RGerburt

We also have twenty lucky bards who will receive 50 USDT.

  • @richnobre
  • @SergioSorianoO
  • @CryptoTanvir
  • @ghshsteu
  • @BHT_Karim
  • @Terrysnow77
  • @RoyalFlush_25
  • @Kay11u
  • @NYblacksheep
  • @DakotaHParker4
  • @SphalerMarcy
  • @Ashg_gg
  • @issamoodtweets
  • @AhmedYacine_B
  • @CrammyRodriguez
  • @cryptopcx
  • @mmmm201991
  • @qqonline
  • @Eddyw01
  • @bunsel01

The Adventure Continues!

Dungeons & Data is far from over! We have extended the Data Barbarian category to run until the 18th of December to give participants more time to analyze, visualize and dissect both the Uniswap and Curve datasets which can be found below.

Again, we would like to thank every single one of you who have contributed and participated in Dungeons & Data thus far!

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Niall Yorke

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