Blog Banner: The Data Alchemist Bootcamp: Write SQL. Start Earning

The Data Alchemist Bootcamp: Write SQL. Start Earning


  • Covalent's 'Data Alchemist Boot-Camp' pays participants $2,000 to learn Web3 analytics and facilitates careers in Web3.
  • The 4-week boot-camp teaches you how to create an in-depth Reach, Retention, and Revenue (RRR) report across multiple chains, protocols and user types.
  • A 'Data Alchemist' is a self-starter who is dedicated to project and personal growth in Web3.
  • Covalent is showcasing the new 'Data Alchemist Boot-Camp' at Mainnet in New York City, September 21-23, 2022.

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Analytics Is One Of The Most In Demand Skills

Web3’s influence on the global economy is growing exponentially, deepening the demand for on-chain business intelligence and analysis skills. Yet, there is a serious deficit in Web3 Data Analysts despite the role being identified as one of the fastest-growing entry-level jobs in today's labor market.

In response to this talent shortage, Covalent has launched the 'Data Alchemist Boot-Camp', aimed at bridging Web3 skill gaps for workers seeking employment in the fast-growing blockchain industry.

Covalent is showcasing the ‘Data Alchemist Boot-Camp’ at Messari's Mainnet event in NYC from Sept 21-23 2022


Quote from Ganesh Swami, CEO of Covalent

" The only prerequisite to joining our Data Alchemist Boot-Camp is a desire to learn about Web3; come with that, and we'll pay you to learn. There is a real need for individuals who are experts in this new cross-section of data and blockchain. We want to help train these future leaders to quickly fill these new roles in the near term. This boot-camp is how we try to spark change in an excited and rapidly growing community. "

What It Means To Be A 'Data Alchemist'

A 'Data Alchemist' is a determined, self-starter who is keen to demonstrate dedication to their project and personal growth in Web3.

They will be joining Covalent's ambassador community of 2,500+ that drive the adoption of Web3, complementing and supporting our product lines and future initiatives.

Covalent's Commitment in Web3 Education

Covalent will be training 'Data Alchemists' in the fundamentals of Web3 business intelligence and analysis. The bootcamp's curriculum spans 4-weeks, encompassing intensive course challenges and SQL-based learning materials. This includes completing analyses across multiple chains, protocols, and user types to create an in-depth Reach, Retention, and Revenue (RRR) report and corresponding charts and dashboards. These collaterals 'Data Alchemists' create will showcase their skills and talents in Web3, making them competitive for a career in the industry.

At Covalent, we plan on scaling this educational initiative to a 1,000 Web3 Data Analysts. There will be a new cohort enrolled every 4-weeks with a 2-week break in between each cohort - so don't get disheartened if you aren't accepted in the first cohort.

  • Week 1 – Reach, Retention & Revenue (RRR) framework for Web3 analysis
  • Week 2 – Building multi-chain analysis across 42+ chains with a standardized schema
  • Week 3 – Visualizing and storytelling with Data
  • Week 4 – Extracting in-depth comparisons with labeled on-chain data

Accepted participants will be receiving weekly grants of $500 USDC ($2,000 total) as they complete milestones. The first class will begin on October 19, 2022.

Covalent's Track Record of Educating Web3 Users

The new 'Data Alchemist Boot-Camp' is an extension of Covalent's Alchemist Program and is geared towards practical Web3 skills and data-rooted blockchain jobs.

Highlighting education, network building, and exploration, the Alchemist Program has to date facilitated over 200 leadership roles and over 30 job opportunities in Web3 – for the 2,500 Alchemists who have participated in the program.

Covalent's commitment to Web3 education aligns with its philosophical mission to onboard more users to Web3 and encourage them to explore innovative and socially good use cases of blockchain technology.

At Covalent, we are always supportive of connecting participants of our Alchemist Program and blockchain professionals alike with opportunities to learn and grow their careers in Web3.