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Text AMA: The Data Alchemist Boot-camp


  • On September 30th, Covalent hosted a Discord AMA to answer the community's questions on the upcoming Data Alchemist Boot-camp.
  • Those who graduate the boot-camp will be rewarded $2000 in CQT and a certificate of completion NFT.
  • Accepted applicants will be added to a Discord channel to build a shared purpose and camaraderie.
  • The boot-camp is an intermediate level course that runs for 4 weeks and is most suited for people with technical experience.
  • Participants will be required to spend 5-7 hours a week working through tutorials and completing engaging challenges.
  • In the past, Covalent has helped 2,500+ learn essential job-readiness skills, created 200+ leadership roles and landed 30+ jobs in the industry.
  • Applications to the boot-camp close October 5th - so get your spot now!

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Question 1: What is the objective of this boot-camp?

At Covalent, we are seeing a surge in traditional companies looking to build a native Web3 experience. Over the next couple years, the adoption of blockchain technology by legacy and Web2 tech companies alike will garner intense demand for on-chain analytics. This is because companies using any blockchain-based services will need to understand the metrics behind their business. The Data Alchemist Boot-camp aims to educate you on the skills needed to analyze all types of Web3 businesses - e.g NFT marketplaces, Lending protocols, AMMs etc. You will create SQL-based analytical content, build a network of like minded people, and graduate the program with job ready knowledge, skills and the collateral to showcase your Web3 expertise.

Question 2: What are the requirements to join?

The Data Alchemist Program is an intermediate level course designed to take your analytical skills to the next level. We are looking for candidates eager to learn and contribute to the Web3 space with some experience in SQL and/or analytics. This does not mean you need an engineering/CS degree, just that some Web3 knowledge and SQL experience would be a plus!

Question 3: How is the boot-camp formatted?

After the initial screening of applications, the top candidates will be down-selected for an interview before being notified of whether they have been accepted. The applicants accepted will be part of a ~100 person cohort - with the boot-camp starting October 19th. Each week the Data Alchemists will spend 5-7 hours working through tutorials (written and video) and completing engaging challenges. The purpose of these challenges is to apply your learning and create unique pieces of collateral to showcase your new skills.

There will be focus groups and AMAs hosted by the Covalent team to answer any questions you might have - or for anyone who wants to help their fellow Alchemists :)

All applicants will be invited to join our vibrant, global community of Alchemists; therefore, you shouldn't get disheartened if rejected. Our community has numerous opportunities for you to learn and develop your Web3 skills.

Question 4: What are the conditions for graduating?

Participants that submit quality work and complete the weekly challenges will graduate. Those who graduate will be rewarded $2,000 in CQT tokens.

Question 5: What platform will be used to create analysis?

Covalent’s new analytics product will give Data Alchemists SQL access to a full historical data set of 200+ chains.

Visualize and analyze the metrics of any protocol on all chains - it’s that powerful!

Question 6: What are some future opportunities after graduating?

In the past with the launch of our OG Alchemist program, Covalent has helped 2,500+ learn essential job-readiness skills, created 200+ leadership roles and landed 30+ jobs in the industry. Covalent has also hired many Alchemists such as Leilani, Luke and CK - just to name a few.

The opportunities are endless!