Blog Banner: Covalent Partners with DeepDAO to Provide Granular and Real-Time Ethereum Data

Covalent Partners with DeepDAO to Provide Granular and Real-Time Ethereum Data

VANCOUVER, November 19th, 2020 - Covalent is happy to announce a partnership with DeepDAO, a platform that collects and organizes a variety of quantitative and qualitative data about DAOs, presenting it to the public in the form of an interactive dashboard.

DeepDAO is developing a system for evaluating DAOs in terms of financial stability and responsibility, internal participation rates in total and over time, and how they correlate with other factors. Furthermore, since DAOs can make investments, DeepDAO is developing ways of tracking the performance of these investments as part of the DAOs metrics. Thus, businesses and individuals using DeepDAOs data would be better able to choose a DAO suitable to their needs.

Of course, clear and accurate data is needed for such a platform that can help users research, invest, consume, and participate in the DAO phenomenon. Through this partnership, DeepDAO will be integrating Covalent's enterprise-grade API which will significantly enhance the already insightful dashboard. Real-time and granular transaction-level data as well as governance data on the main DAO platforms, and others, will be available. Proposal interactions will be able to be examined so that one can understand how active members are in creating proposals and voting on them as well as if members are voting for, or against proposals in general. Ultimately, DeepDAO customers will be able to analyze the interactions formed among DAO and DeFi politicians, both members and delegates, their participation in ad-hoc and ongoing coalitions, or their tendency to find themselves on opposite sides. Furthermore, the data behind DAO influencers will be enriched. This will facilitate the creation of social graphs for example, where one will be able to examine the interactions between individuals and DAOs.

Quote from Ganesh, Covalent's CEO

" As the popularity and use of DAOs have increased, so too has the need for a reliable and accurate data-centric platform. What makes DeepDAO special is that it goes beyond just rankings and examines the nuanced behaviors of DAOs that will ultimately help individuals in understanding motives, economic or otherwise.

Quote from Eyal Eithcowich, DeepDAO CEO

" We are seeing a continuous surge in interest, innovation and growth in decentralized governance. DAOs and governance systems are in use by hundreds of thousands of people participating in their virtual communities to implement politics in action, not to mention the management of over a billion dollars. DeepDAO, the #1 ecosystem tool for aggregating and analyzing DAOs welcomes the partnership with Covalent in order to provide us with an increased depth and breadth of data for use in extending our analytics tools.

About DeepDAO

DeepDAO is a discovery platform for DAOs and governance systems, centered on analytics and information gathering. Our main dashboard enumerates and ranks DAOs on several key metrics such as membership and assets under management (AUM). We are constantly expanding both coverage of DAOs and DeFi governance protocols, and the metrics that quantify and measure the dynamics of governance processes. DeepDAO currently reports both financial and governance data on 80+ Top DAOs across the five major platforms - Aragon, Moloch, DAOstack, OpenLaw and Colony. All DAOs on our system currently run on Ethereum or xDAI, and we are expanding our coverage to other chains such as Polkadot and Kusama. DeepDAO data is being used by major research firms (Delphi Digital, Messari), journalists, VCs, and DAOists across the ecosystem.


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