Dungeons & Data: Data Barbarian Submission Highlights

When Dungeons & Data was initially conceptualized, the idea was to design a challenge campaign that incorporates a set of different tasks in and beyond social media while remaining accommodating to a large number of participants of different backgrounds; from airdrop hunters to sophisticated crypto users as well as citizen data scientists. We discovered, however, that Dungeons & Data presented a far greater and more important opportunity; to educate the community. For a horizontal innovation like blockchain and crypto, education is of utmost importance if we are to witness mainstream adoption. Ultimately, the responsibility falls on the protocols, enterprises, and everyone in between to educate the community.

As with any advance in digitization/automation, skill gaps will appear. Covalent sees the analysis of blockchain data being one. And while Covalent resolves the obstacle of accessing granular indexed blockchain data through our unified API, it is the responsibility of the individual to transform that data into insight and action. The Data Barbarian challenges, which involved the analysis of both Uniswap and Curve datasets, presented such a challenge to the community. The results far exceeded our expectations.

Winning Submission Highlights

Outlined below are some of the winning submissions for the Data Barbarian challenges which required analyzing Uniswap and/or Curve datasets provided by the Covalent API.

Data Visualization

The overall winner, @abhgupta, put together an extensive and detailed race chart that examined the liquidity pools on Uniswap. The race chart displayed 5 liquidity pools dating from May to October while also investigating the daily cumulative activity in each.


Meanwhile, another winning submission examined the total volume traded in Uniswap. The winner, @john_twig, took a more visually creative approach, presenting a simple and easily comprehensible dashboard that also provided context in the form of % changes. Check it out here.

Data Science

For the more advanced data enthusiast, Covalent pitched a number of data science tasks, one of which involved investigating the whale concentration in pools. @ste_mag, through careful analysis, was able to determine and present the following in the graphic below:

  • The whale concentration
  • How distributed the pools are
  • The weight of these concentrations based on their location in the graph.
  • The progressive increase in the balance as the whale concentration increases.


Another challenge involved having to report on the Curve slippage rates of various trade sizes. Trades had to be grouped into sizes of 1-50, 50-500, 500-5000, 5000-50,000 and above 50,000. For each group then, the slippage had to be calculated. This is no easy feat. However, @abhgupta outlined a clear process to do so.


Case Studies

Finally, there were the case study challenges, the most difficult of all. Each winning submission can be found below in its entirety.

Secret Awards

One of the highlights of Dungeons & Data was collaborating with the super talented ManWithNoName to bring to the community a three-card NFT set: The Byte Alchemist 🧙‍♂️. There was a significant amount of anticipation surrounding the secret awards and The Byte Alchemist set did not disappoint. Check them out below:


The Adventure Continues

Everyone at Covalent was astonished by the enthusiasm, commitment and creativity shown by the community during ‘Dungeons & Data’. At Covalent, we consider this type of campaign to be “proof-of-education” whereby the community is educated while maintaining an incentive. Given the importance of education, there will be multiple Dungeons & Data campaigns throughout 2021 with our ecosystem partners as well as established DeFi protocols participating in the adventure.

Once again, from everyone at Covalent, thank you for participating in Dungeons & Data and congratulations to the winners.