Blog Banner: How to Connect and BUIDL with Covalent at ETHDenver

How to Connect and BUIDL with Covalent at ETHDenver

Covalent is excited to announce that we will be Cypher Sponsors at ETHDenver, which is running from February 11-20, 2022. Our unified API allows developers to build faster and easier using the richest blockchain data from over 28 blockchains. Developers can build entire dApps with just one or two endpoints.

ETHDenver is a significant event for Covalent because in 2020, Covalent became profitable after a hard slog through a brutal bear market. Prior to the event, founders CEO Ganesh Swami and CTO Levi Aul had been building something interesting as a bootstrap company for 2.5 years but didn’t have traction to show for it.

Right after Ganesh gave a talk titled "DeFi has a data availability gap that nobody is talking about, there was black Thursday which wiped out half of Covalent's competitors and customers. In addition to that, there were lockdowns across the global due to the pandemic. But the founders didn’t give up and kept pushing through until a connection they made at ETHDenver contacted them and Covalent closed their biggest deal until then, making the company profitable.

ETHDenver played a significant part in our history and we’re grateful for the growth in community, developers, partners, and customers in the last year. Covalent went from two people to now over 50 staff on our team and we are continuing to rapidly expand. We’re excited to connect with our supporters and make new evergreen connections at ETHDenver,” said Ganesh.

Covalent’s Participation at ETHDenver

Please come say hi and connect with us!

More events to be confirmed soon!

Developer experiences with Covalent’s unified API

“The Covalent API is every developer’s dream. I can’t stress enough how easy it is to use and the amount of work and time it saves.”—Aave Governance

"The simplicity of pre-built functionality provided by Covalent APIs allow developers to build at lightning speed."—Hestia

“Covalent API provides the easiest way to change between blockchains with only one parameter!”—Avalanche Wallet Checker

"It is impressive how rich in data and well structured Covalent's API is. It seems the more we work with it, the more ideas we get."—Nifty NFTs

“By using Covalent developers can skip node infrastructure entirely and focus their efforts on their product. Covalent is also one of the only APIs which currently offers robust NFT data.”—FungyProof

Developer resources and support

For feedback and support, API users can head to the dedicated feedback-and-support channel in our Discord. To request new features on the API, users can head to the Covalent Governance Forum and make requests within the ‘Development’ category here.