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ETHOnline - Covalent API Winners Announced!

As a first-time sponsor at ETHGlobal’s ETHOnline, which is the world’s largest DeFi hackathon, we were blown away by the innovation and creativity of all the DeFi projects! Congrats to a record participation by 1150 hackers from over 77 countries and 220 projects submitted. We had several fantastic submissions using the Covalent unified API to bring transparency and visibility to assets across all blockchain networks. The Covalent API is ideal for hackathons because it is simply the fastest way for teams to access granular and historical on-chain data without code, unlocking One Billion possibilities.

All the teams using the Covalent API built projects which are good enough to be their own startup, and we look forward to seeing some of them take the next step! Check out the winning projects below (in no particular order) which will split the $3000 USD Covalent prize pool!


A generative art project that renders deterministic, validated header images for existing NFTs.


Quote from Stefan Adolf, Splice

We really appreciated the documentation and the ease of use of Covalent's APIs. It empowered us to access an account's NFT collection and the token's metadata details in no time.

Degen Dogs:

An NFT series that invests in DeFI and streams money to owners. DeFi meets NFTs.

![Image]( Dogs.png)

Quote from Mark Carey, Degen Dogs

For Degen Dogs, I used the Covalent API to fetch the 'new bid' events from the Auction House contract, which gets emitted each time a new bid is placed during an Auction. The Covalent API makes it really easy to fetch only the data that I really need, along with timestamps for each bid placed.

Sticker Shock:

A tool for hopping between addresses to view the fiat cost of transactions and related gas fees.

![Image]( Shock.png)

Quote from KMac,

Covalent was ridiculously easy to use.

Greeting NFT Airdrop:

A dapp where users can send a NFT of Greeting Card to someone via email.

![Image]( NFT Airdrop.png)

Fae WorkSpace:

Discover new tokens, NFTs, news, games, and even new blockchains on Fae Workspace. With social interactions, statistics, a built in portfolio manager, music player, gaming hub, and even a messenger, you'll be on top of the world of crypto in just a matter of time.

Quote from Taylor Waits, Fae WorkSpace

Covalent API is the most organized, versatile, and seemingly limitless API that I have personally used in the crypto space. I have used Covalent in multiple projects already and I know there are many other APIs to choose, however, I strongly believe Covalent is the best and will be the industry standard.

Strangers United:

A Probability of Liquidation demo dapp - Data pipeline to create historical price volatility distributions.

Thanks again to all the participants! See the full list of ETHOnline projects here!

About ETHOnline

ETHOnline is an ETHGlobal hackathon focused on celebrating an incredible year in Ethereum, bringing the community together at a time when we're kept apart.