GetBlock and Covalent. What it means for a better developer experience.

VANCOUVER, August 17th, 2021 - We are happy to announce that GetBlock has entered into a strategic collaboration with Covalent, a Web3 data analytics company that provides a unified API for full transparency and visibility of assets across all blockchain networks.

The crypto stack is fairly complex, and it has become evident that the faster and more efficiently you can point developers in the right direction the faster we can help the space evolve as a whole. The general crypto stack has five layers.

1. Blockchain: Where the information is published

2. Node: Where we are notified of what has happened

3. Data: How we record, and make use of what has happened

4. Application: The way we build and share with the world what has happened in our own words & designs

5. Consumer: How people engage with the information which was minted to the chain

![Image]( layer.png)

With that being said Covalent and GetBlock are collaborating to optimize the developer experience to incrementally bring the node and data layers closer together.

We want to help developers get to what they need more easily. This could be an expedition to multi-chain, fetching data queries faster, and just less work for developers to make sure people get to #buidl #buidl #buidl.

We are happy to announce that GetBlock has entered into a strategic collaboration with Covalent, a Web3 data analytics company that provides a unified API for full transparency and visibility of assets across all blockchain networks.

Covalent is currently the only solution that allows to fully index entire blockchains, extracting terabytes of data — and its API requires no coding on the users’ side. GetBlock, on the other hand, provides some of the best-in-class infrastructure that can help Covalent to strengthen its distributed network.

With multi-chain flexibility and ‘Lego-like’ building blocks approach enabled by its API solution, Covalent allows building cryptocurrency wallets for all purposes, including multi-chain wallets. GetBlocks' infrastructure, in turn, allows it to scale such products and power them for public use.

How this looks in practice

Dapps, wallets, and any other project using GetBlock’s node infrastructure can now enable multi-chain functionality from off the shelf APIs to expedite the go to market strategy, saving countless hours building data infrastructure.

Adding a simple Rest button will direct developers to get the quickest, easiest to query data for ETH, BSC, RSK, Polygon, and any other blockchain that is mutually supported.


Covalent API provides REST protocol support for 4 blockchain networks for which GetBlock provides Node Services (with support for more currently in the works). The networks are: Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Polygon (previously Matic) and RSK. Developers can sign up for an API KEY on Covalent and then start using the Covalent API to query the supported blockchain network nodes on GetBlock.

When querying supported blockchain data using the Covalent API, the primary query parameter to switch between blockchain networks is the chain_id. So for example, to fetch all the token balances (including NFTs) of a wallet address on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain, requests are made to the balances_v2 endpoint:{chain_id}/address/{address}/balances_v2/

Where chain_id is 1 for Ethereum mainnet and 56 for BSC mainnet.

See for the full list including chain_id values.

Covalent provides a comprehensive learning resource for our API in the form of Tutorials, How-to Guides and Case Studies at


Quote from Deen Newman, Project Manager at GetBlock

We’re just glad to cooperate with the Covalent team and work together on the interaction process between blockchain nodes and data layers, which will help the developer community to run and launch their dApps in a seamless way. At GetBlock, we’re offering our users to get the experience of working with the unified API provided by Covalent and in turn guarantee a smooth performance from our node infrastructure.

Quote from Ganesh, Covalent CEO

We’re happy to be partnering with GetBlock in order to ensure that developers have fast and reliable access to Covalent's multi-chain data. Integrating our efficient and unified API will save a lot of time for GetBlock users building on our mutually supported chains, and we’re confident that this reliable team will add strength to the ecosystem, including the Covalent network.

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