Blog Banner: Jacqueline Kim Perez: “Covalent is the true representation of what transparency looks like.”

Jacqueline Kim Perez: “Covalent is the true representation of what transparency looks like.”

Covalent is at the forefront of changing the traditional ways we look at, define, and access big data. They’re providing the industry what it truly needs - a true representation of what transparency looks like.

"The bigger question is why wouldn’t I be?"

I first met Covalent's CEO and Co-founder Ganesh Swami four years ago when Covalent began as an idea. I remember our conversations and moments where he was brainstorming names for the company, creating logo mock-ups, and building the website. The excitement he demonstrated for the vision and the end goal was contagious - I wanted to be part of that paradigm shift. There was an admiration for the humbleness he demonstrated through his journey.

Over the years we kept in touch - the spark for the purpose he had never changed. If there were components he didn’t understand about the technology, he wasn’t intimidated to surround himself with individuals more knowledgeable than him. I find many entrepreneurs either struggle to define their mission and vision or forget why they decide to build a company - but not Ganesh. He knew, “Why?”. That relentless hunger and hustle I saw would power him through his journey. If private sale participants or people turned him away or didn’t understand the vision, he wasn’t discouraged. He ensured to surround himself with a genuine flawless team that shared his vision and who would execute the creation of the product.

But the world wasn’t ready.

We all remember the ICO boom the industry experienced in 2017. Companies either had little to no expertise in the sector, would slap the word ‘blockchain’ into their whitepaper (if they had one), or would push out brilliant marketing schemes that provided nothing but empty promises for solutions that didn’t require the technology.

What surprised me is how several companies raised millions of dollars with NO PRODUCT. There were repetitive issues people weren’t willing to provide - transparency and education, but people didn’t care. The number of scams that caused private sale participants and the general public to flock to the FOMO was astounding. People wanted to make easy money without understanding the consequences of what they were pouring money into, the importance of due diligence, the transparency provided, and most importantly - the functionality of the technology.

Covalent’s team has built a beautiful unified API that would bring visibility and accessibility to blockchain data nobody was willing to provide. Not only is the data easily accessible to the public, but it also empowers developers from all backgrounds, and can be utilized in several traditional and non-traditional use cases. It provides the layer of transparency the entire industry has been struggling to solve, which is going to be prudent for the Defi movement.

Covalent is at the forefront of a massive breakthrough. They have a working product no one has seen before, revenue-generating top-tier paying customers, and a loyal supportive community of individuals and developers who are excited to be part of this change. Why wouldn’t I be excited to join Covalent? I’ve always been a massive proponent in providing educational components I find missing in the industry and have spent over the last five years focused on consulting, speaking, and building content for the general public and private sale participants to understand the fundamentals of blockchain. The problem is the degree of transparency blockchain provides.

There continues to be an immaturity in how data is used, shared, and analyzed due to the lack of transparency. It is essential to empower early adopters with the necessary tools, which is why I have the honor of joining the team as the Head of Operations and Token Marketing to show the world why Covalent is the only company that has the solution. I’m also excited to grow the community, share the company culture, and most importantly - our story.

Thank you for the opportunity to be part of a legacy bigger than anything we’ve imagined and part of a team driven by the same vision, passion, and purpose. I’m thrilled and thankful!