Klaytn-Covalent Unified Hackathon Applications Are Now Open! 🚀

We’re excited to announce a joint Klaytn-Covalent Hackathon for Web3 developers building on the Klaytn network! The hackathon runs from May 12 to May 26 with $20,000 USD in bounty prizes. There will also be opportunities for developers who can’t commit to the full hackathon to participate in hackathon quizzes and challenges with a chance to win additional prizes. Register here now!

Covalent integrated Klaytn as a supported network in September of 2021, bringing the Unified API experience and rich, historical on-chain data to developers in Klaytn's ecosystem. Now, Unified Hackathon participants will have the chance to build and submit a range of dApps, including NFT galleries, DeFi Dashboards, DAO analytics, custom wallets, portfolio management tools, and much more!


There are three categories with $5,000 USD in prizes, each broken down as follows:

  • 🥇 First place: $2,500 USD
  • 🥈 Second place: $1,500 USD
  • 🥉 Third place: $1,000 USD

Bounty 1: NFT Track

This track is for developers who are interested in building NFT-related use cases such as an NFT marketplaces, cross-chain NFTs, and NFT aggregators.

Bounty 2: DeFi Track

This track is for developers who are interested in building DeFi-related use cases such as DeFi dashboards, yield farming tools, and DeFI aggregators.

Bounty 3: DApps Track

This track is for developers who are interested in building DApp-related use cases such as transparency dashboard, on-chain analytics, and blockchain-enabled traceability applications in the supply chain industry.

Community Challenges

We encourage people in our developer community to participate in daily quizzes, challenges and quests during the hackathon. There are over $5,000 USD in prizes to be won for these categories!


  • Join the Klaytn Discord now for Daily Quizzes on the lead up to and during the Hackathon.
  • Who says coders can’t make art? We are looking for great NFT Designs for The Klaytn-Covalent Unified Hackathon. Design an NFT, of any genre, style, and influence, for a chance to win some prizes.
  • Templated challenges: Complete a series of tasks within the NFT Dashboard Code Challenge, Wallet Dashboard Code Challenge, and DEX Dashboard Code Challenge categories.
  • Data quests: Find the answers to the questions using Covalent’s unified API.


Register here for the hackathon and we will follow up with you on details!