Blog Banner: May 2021 Community Update: Concluding the CoinList Sale and Covalent Meetups!

May 2021 Community Update: Concluding the CoinList Sale and Covalent Meetups!

May was certainly a choppy month for the crypto community as a whole. For Covalent, however, we continued to #BUIDL and make strives toward realising our vision. Here's what happened with Covalent and the community throughout May 2021.

Key Highlights

  • The Covalent Public Token Sale on CoinList came to a successful conclusion. With 3.5% of the total token supply allocated for this sale, 14,000 individuals participated and were successful in purchasing CQT. More information on the conclusion of the sale can be found here:

  • Ganesh featured as a guest on The Delphi Podcast with Tom Shaughnessy. The two discuss how Covalent is enabling traditional and crypto developers to leverage data from any blockchain through a no-code implementation that plans to decentralize over time.

  • Brandon, the resident data analyst at Covalent, broke down the monumental growth of the recently launched projects (Aave and 1inch) on Polygon as part of CoinTelegraph Consulting.


  • Pratik and Niall caught up with Gajesh, the youngest known web3/solidity developer based. Based out of Goa India, Gajesh has built a DeFi protocol with ~$3M in TVL and is now focusing on building a stablecoin exchange on Polygon. This is was an extremely inspiring conversation and we would highly recommend checking him out.

  • Victory Square Technologies, an early-stage investment firm, sat down with Ganesh to discuss how things had shifted and where the company is headed since their last discussion in 2017.

  • Covalent is also hiring! Open positions can be found here.


The first in-person Covalent meet-up took place all the way over in Ukraine! This was certainly one of those pinch yourselves moments following years of remaining incognito and building. It is amazing to see the passion and excitement of the Covalent community. Let this be the first of many more to come.


Covalent Alchemist Program Update

  • Ran our first Alchemist Workshop: Understanding Data on the Social Blockchain - Social Tokens. We will continue running more championed by the Alchemists that will take place in June.
  • Launched our official Alchemist Dashboard where they can login, view the season tasks and view the total number of CQT they have been awarded.
  • We continued to see amazing initiatives led by Alchemists, such as the Turkish Udemy course that covers developing applications with the Covalent API. This course received more than 4,000 registrants in a week.
  • Saw more meetups ran by regional Alchemist leaders.

Scaling Ethereum - ETHGlobal


The Scaling Ethereum - ETHGlobal hackathon came to a successful close, with Covalent as a key sponsor awarding a total of $3,000 USDT to the top projects using the Covalent API! The winning submissions can be found here including a well-built wallet dashboard by

Dungeons & Data - 1inch Network


Our leading data science campaign, Dungeons & Data, is currently running with 1inch Network and has seen a record 2000+ participants and hundreds of submissions. These participants are pulling data through the Covalent API and creating 1inch focused dApps, dashboards, research articles, and art. Running alongside the competition, we had a speaker series where Ganesh spoke with both co-founders of the 1inch Network - Anton Bukov and Segej Kunz - as well as the lead blockchain engineer Kirill Kuznetcov. You can watch those videos here.

Technical Updates

  • We have completely indexed the Ethereum Kovan Testnest. Kovan is a Proof of Authority (PoA) publicly accessible blockchain for Ethereum. Covalent API users can use all Class A endpoints to query data on the Kovan Testnet by setting a chainID: 42

  • Primer is a query language built internally at Covalent to transform Covalent API responses at query time. The Primer syntax and functionality are closely modeled after MongoDB. Using top-level query parameters in a URL string, Primer makes it possible to return data with arguments such as "match", "group", "sort", "skip", "limit". Primer query parameters have been added to All Class A endpoints for the Covalent API. You can learn more about Primer here

  • We have added two new endpoints to return information and status on all our indexed chains:

  • Chain metadata endpoint; this endpoint returns all indexed Chains metadata information such as ChainID.
  • Get all chain statuses; This endpoint returns indexed Chains metadata information which includes the latest "synced_block_height" and time of the latest Block sync "synced_blocked_signed_at”. You can query this endpoint to get the latest block information across all our indexed chains.
  • Meanwhile, a number of updates were rolled out to the PancakeSwap endpoints:
  • Finally, our refactored Knowledge Base had over 30,500 page views by 3,700 unique users over the past month with the majority of the traffic directed towards our BSC and Matic network detail pages.

Alpha Alarm

Throughout May the Alpha Alarmers were busy levelling up systems, processes and team members. The Alpha Alarm team now consists of multiple Alchemists doing research each week. There is a dedicated schedule, an intake pipeline to pull ideas and requests from, recurring dashboards to pull news articles from, and 8 or 9 more Alchemists that are working in a part time capacity on research. Furthermore, Alpha Alarm is being translated into multiple languages daily.

All of the links to the articles and discussions mentioned above can be found below.