Blog Banner: Moralis Avalanche Hackathon - Covalent Winners Announced!

Moralis Avalanche Hackathon - Covalent Winners Announced!

Covalent is excited to announce the winners of the Moralis-Avalanche hackathon, alongside our partner Avalanche. The 8 week virtual Web3 hackathon saw a staggering prize pool of $500,000, with the top three prizes totalling more than $175,000. Covalent sponsored a combined prize of $20,000 USDT for projects making use of the Covalent API.

Quote from Eric Kang, Senior Associate (BD) at Ava Labs

We saw so many great submissions that leveraged Covalent's One Unified API in building a more vibrant Avalanche ecosystem.

Submissions included dapps that connected the physical and on-chain worlds, production grade asset trackers, DAO treasury management systems, yield aggregator platforms, Covalent API Python libraries, and more!

There were 10 prize winning projects with each receiving $2000 USDT. Here are some of the top ones:


  • Live site:
  • Use case: Tool for creating Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs)and managing crypto assets
  • Features: Multi-signature Wallet, full-cycle IDO, funding launchpad
  • Covalent API: Used for fetching holders, transactions, and TVL data

Image Image

Quote from the XDAO team

The Covalent API helps us to retrieve all the information about every DAO fast and beautifully!

Whoosh Finance

  • Live site:
  • Use case: Multi-chain crypto portfolio tracker
  • Features: Simple UI, P&L and percentage allocation calculations
  • Covalent API: Used to retrieve ERC20 token balances from all EVM chains over the past 30 days


Quote from Ben Fernandez, Founder of Whoosh Finance

Covalent's API let us build our product quickly versus cobbling together many different APIs and functions that would've taken time and resources to engineer. The implementation and usage was very easy and straightforward!


Prisma Finance

  • Live site:
  • Use case: DeFi and NFT platform
  • Features: Yield aggregator, DeFi and NFT analytics, funding launchpad
  • Covalent API: Used to get transactions for accounts, historic portfolio value over time, and token balances. Also uses primer



  • Live site:
  • Use case: On-chain wallet tracking
  • Features: On-chain charts, transactions, holdings, watchlists, alerts, whale scanners
  • Covalent API: Used to look up pricing, ERC20 top holders, and DEX transaction history


Quote from Bogdan Culda, CTO of Rugzy

The Covalent API covers vast amount of DEX transaction data across many different chains and is perfect for our blockchain agnostic DEX tooling.

As of time of writing, Rugzy is actively trying to iterate their product and grow their Twitter and Discord communities. Do give them a follow to stay up to date with the latest developments in this exciting project.

This is all we have space to cover for this blog post, however, there are 6 more awesome projects that you can check out here on our Moralis-Avalanche Winner’s list!

We would like to thank Moralis and Avalanche for making this event a huge success.

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