Covalent: ETHGlobal's NFTHack Covalent Winners Announced!

Leilani Ledingham

Product, Covalent

ETHGlobal's NFTHack Covalent Winners Announced!

Jan 18, 2022

Covalent, along with our ecosystem partner ETHGlobal, is excited to announce the winners of NFTHack -a virtual hackathon held this past weekend drawing over 5x the interest than the event capacity and over $125K in prizes up for grabs! With a prize pool of $4K USDT for projects making use of the Covalent API, we saw a record number of submissions using our best-in-class NFT endpoints, and we’re pleased to have chosen 20 winning projects.

The objective for this Hackathon was to bring together passionate creatives and developers for a weekend NFT hackathon and summit. Amidst the rising popularity of NFTs, this event focused on creating a fair future for creators. Covalent’s Unified API and industry-leading NFT endpoints are a perfect solution for developers in the NFT space, and this hackathon just so happened to correspond with the release of our two new NFT Market Data endpoints which you can check out here.

Without further ado, here are a few project highlights!


A mobile-first Tiktok/Tinder-like frictionless NFT explorer. This project used our API to showcase all the top NFT collections.

NFT Generator

A platform that empowers artists & creators to submit their NFTs to the blockchain. This project used our API for on-chain data to create a seamless user experience.


This project allows users to make their own blockchain-hosted invoices. They used the Covalent API to pull out historical transactions and were a good example of an NFT project outside the typical art focus.


Web3Hunt is the hunting ground for all web3 products, starting with NFTs. This project was one that made great use of Covalent’s brand new NFT Market Data endpoints.

Those are just some of the awesome submissions we were fortunate enough to crown!

Check out the full list of winners and their projects here! Use the filter button and select Covalent as a sponsor to see all the epic projects using our Unified API.

Congratulations to all the NFTHack participants!

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