Covalent: Covalent at NFTHack: Winners Announced

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Covalent at NFTHack: Winners Announced

Mar 23, 2021

Covalent is pleased to have been one of the sponsors of NFTHack 2021 by ETHGlobal, offering a total of $3K USDT in prizes to developers, designers integrating Covalent API in their novel NFT projects.

NFT data is messy and complex with challenges arising from a combination of non-compliant standards to a portion of the data living off-chain. However, Covalent has been working diligently over the last few months sorting through the tough data challenges with respect to NFTs. These world-class APIs have been battle tested by some of the biggest NFT projects in the space - ChainGuardians, NFTX, TerraVirtua and many more!

We received numerous submissions that showcased a wide range of creativity, from NFT asset baskets to marketplaces to chat widgets immediately connecting creators to fans.

We are grateful to all the participants, fellow sponsors, and judges who made NFT Hack successful, and a special thanks to ETHGlobal for continuing to support developers, artists, and creative teams who are building a fair future.

And without further due, here are the top 3 NFTHack projects using the Covalent API, each winning $500 USDT:

Covalent NFTHack Winners

Burst NFT

<img src="/static/images/blog/202103/burstnft.png" style=“width=“560” height=“315” >

Burst NFT is a protocol that allows a user to create a unique basket of an unlimited number of assets (beginning with ERC20). This basket can be be used for multi-asset Over-The-Counter trades without requiring a third party holder or escrow service, as the user can instead use any available and decentralized marketplace.

The protocol is launched on the Matic Mumbai network and uses Covalent API to help users in visualizing the data of the underlying NFT assets. Thanks for building such an easy to use API!


<img src="/static/images/blog/202103/collectors.png” style=“width=“560” height=“315” >

Collectors.Cafe is a social network to discover, exhibit and trade NFTs across multiple platforms. It uses the Covalent API to obtain information on a given user’s NFTs as well as details (including metadata and current price etc.) for any given NFT.

[The Covalent API] is very useful for fetching Ethereum token data and is offered for free.


<img src="/static/images/blog/202103/nftree.png” style=“width=“560” height=“315” >

This NFT app allows users to deposit funds & watch them grow in an NFTree. Cut [the NFTree] down to release funds and create a piece of art based on its growth. The app uses multiple Covalent API endpoints including block_height, historical prices and balances.

The Covalent API] was very easy to use, has a wide array of endpoints, and pulls together lots of data in single request :D.

In addition to the prize money, each team also received this customized NFT cheque for their winnings!

<img src="/static/images/blog/202103/cheque.jpg” style=“width=“560” height=“315” >

Covalent NFTHack Community Events

In addition to the NFTHack hackathon, Covalent offered an additional $1,500 USDT in prize money for those creatives engaging in our community challenges. This included creating an NFT Wallet Dashboard, daily NFT trivia and a NFT Tweet meme challenge.

Some of the stellar NFT Wallet Dashboard submissions include:

Congratulations again to all the hackers and winners!

Thank you to everyone who participated and looking forward to the next crypto-data challenge!

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