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Covalent Community Update: November 2020

While others begin to wind down as we approach the end of 2020, the year is far from over here at Covalent. We announced:

  • a number of partnerships
  • with the winners of Dungeons & Data
  • a new campaign to celebrate the creativity, diversity and passion of the Ethereum developer community - One Million Wallets.

One Million Wallets

This open campaign is to empower the community to build a MILLION different wallet interfaces for a MILLION different use cases. Throughout this campaign, we will be guiding and mentoring projects through tutorial videos, live coding sessions and regular 'office hours'.


All the details and links to key resources are at:


While we partnered with a number of exciting projects which can be seen below, we also acquired Vancouver-based start-up Byzantine Labs. The details of this acquisition can be found here.

  • DeepDAO: Through this partnership, DeepDAO will be integrating Covalent’s enterprise-grade API which will significantly enhance the already insightful dashboard. Real-time and granular transaction-level data as well as governance data on the main DAO platforms, and others, will be available.

  • AllianceBlock: Covalent and AllianceBlock will provide mutual support for one another. Not only will AllianceBlock be providing Covalent access to financial data that will come from its protocol and ecosystem, but Covalent will serve as one of the preferred data partners. As a result, any application that wants to plug into the AllianceBlock Protocol and needs blockchain data will be using Covalent.

  • Polkastarter: Covalent will act as an additional data source that will validate the actions of wallets to ensure they are not used for illegal purposes, like money laundering, or any other suspicious activities. This is enabled through Covalent’s ability to provide granular, historical per wallet data and will ultimately enhance Polkastarter anti-scam features. As Polkastater launch their MVP and move toward the final launch, more opportunities will arise with regard to how Covalent will play a role in Polkastarter’s environment.

  • UpBots: Covalent will be able to help both the novice and seasoned traders in the accounting of their digital assets on UpBots through its unique approach to indexing blockchain data.

  • Shyft Network: Similar to the Polkastater partnership, Covalent will serve as a data source that will validate the actions of wallets which will enhance the reliability of the Shyft Network, and compliment the institutional DeFi offering that Shyft is bringing to the market.

Product Update

Our wallet customers have now begun to use our new NFT endpoint. This endpoint is crucial in laying the groundwork for future use-cases for our API. With our support for ERC20, ERC721 and ERC1155, Covalent now has the best-of-class API in the space.

Community Spotlight

We have seen continued product adoption from enterprises and protocols over the past few months. Now, as our community is growing, so too has the awareness of Covalent among developers, analysts, data scientists and everyone in between. It is incredibly exciting to see individuals building applications and drawing insight using our API. For example, Samneet was able to analyze the total USD locked in Opyn options.


Content Highlight

One of the newest members to join Covalent is Harish Raisinghan who is leading Developer Relations. Check out his blog post here and see why Hairsh is excited to join Covalent.