Blog Banner: #OneMillionWallets - Fantom hackathon launches with $20,000 USD in prizes up for grabs

#OneMillionWallets - Fantom hackathon launches with $20,000 USD in prizes up for grabs

Covalent is excited to present their industry leading crypto-wallet hackathon with Fantom in the largest edition of #OneMillionWallets yet to reward innovation and accelerate adoption of Fantom’s highly scalable and secure networks amongst Web3 developers.

#OneMillionWallets is a ‘Proof-of-Education’ campaign with the goal of celebrating the creativity and diversity of decentralized wallet applications. People are diverse, and one wallet for everyone just doesn’t cut it. #OneMillionWallets empowers anyone from developers to creatives to build their own custom crypto wallet powered by the Covalent API.


Founded in 2018, Fantom is designed to overcome the limitations of previous-generation blockchain platforms. Fantom is permissionless, decentralized, EVM-compatible and open-source while achieving fast finality (0.7 second average block time) and is currently growing rapidly handling 500,000 transactions per day. Covalent is uniquely positioned with its best-in-class API to be the leading data provider in the industry capable of keeping up with Fantom’s growth.

Quote from Michael Kong, Fantom CEO

The #OneMillionWallets hackathon represents a wonderful opportunity for knowledge sharing and community growth. What’s more, this hackathon promises to highlight the real value of the Covalent-Fantom partnership, and the ways the Covalent API can be used to innovate on a Fantom ecosystem that is growing exponentially. This event has yielded fantastic ideas in the past, and we’re looking forward to the tools and apps that emerge out of this iteration of the hackathon

One Million Wallets - Fantom

Registration is now open for the #OneMillionWallets - Fantom hackathon and community challenges, which will run from June 10 - June 28, 2021. The objective is to build Fantom-based digital asset wallets powered by the Covalent API. Please note that it is mandatory to incorporate either the Fantom Opera mainnet or testnet and the Covalent API in your hackathon project.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • A custom price or multi-chain asset balance tracker that can be used on a wearable device, built into a spreadsheet, or offered as a browser extension.

  • A FTM-Opera farming dashboard (improve on

  • A FTM-Opera smart contract transactions analyzer (beyond

  • A custom wallet that pulls all your FTM-Opera NFT tokens and presents them in a creative way such as in a slideshow or with specific music depending on the token.

  • Niche wallets for particular FTM-Opera NFT collections, social tokens or "whale wallet tracking.

  • Wallets for major FTM-Opera projects such as Popsicle, SpiritSwap and Hyperjump.

  • ROI, cost basis and tax calculators.

  • Tool to link transaction hashes to SAFT agreements.

  • FTM-Opera DAO Management & Transparency dashboards.

As an added bonus, SpiritSwap protocol is offering up to an additional $5,000 USD (in SPIRIT tokens) for building out the following project ideas:

Examples of past #OneMillionWallets projects include:

Community challenges are open to everyone including non-developers and consist of templated wallet challenges and quests designed to introduce you to the Covalent and Fantom ecosystem, daily quizzes and an NFT design challenge.

Throughout the campaign, we will of course guide and mentor your projects. If you have any feedback and support queries regarding the One Million Wallets campaign, please get in touch via the dedicated Discord channel for direct communication with developers and engineers. The Covalent Discord channel can be found here.

All the details and links to key resources can be found below:

Prizes & Judging Criteria

The total prize pool of up to $20,000 USD is broken down into approximately $10,000 USD for the #OneMillionWallets hackathon and $5,000 USD for the community challenges. Bounty sponsor SpiritSwap will also contribute an additional $5,000 towards the hackathon.

For the #OneMillionWallets hackathon, submissions will be evaluated on a 1-5 scale based on the following:

  • Originality: Does the wallet app do something entirely novel, or at least take a fresh approach to an old problem?
  • Execution: Is the wallet app usable in its current state? Is the user experience smooth? Does everything appear to work? Is it well designed?
  • Usefulness: Is the wallet practical? Is it something people would actually use? Does it meet a real need?
  • Learning: Did the individual or team stretch themselves and push the boundaries of learning in this space?

About Fantom

Founded in 2018, The Fantom Foundation has built a highly scalable blockchain ecosystem that facilitates decentralized, scalable, and secure technologies.

Fantom is a fast, scalable, and secure layer-1 platform built on a permissionless aBFT consensus protocol. The speed, low transaction costs, and high throughput make Fantom ideal for DeFi applications and real-world uses.

Many Ethereum protocols are porting over to Fantom to create a seamless cross-chain ecosystem. These include Keep3rV1, Cover, Cream, Frax, Sushiswap, Yearn, and others. The technology is also used in several government digitization programs in the Middle East.

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