Blog Banner: ETHGlobal's Road to Web3 Covalent Winners Announced!

ETHGlobal's Road to Web3 Covalent Winners Announced!

Covalent is very excited to announce the winners for Road to Web, alongside our partner ETHGlobal. This virtual hackathon, led by Polygon, took place from February 3rd - 9th and saw $250k in prizes! Covalent sponsored a combined prize of $4,000 USDT for projects making meaningful use of the Covalent API.

The objective of Road to Web3 was to onboard Web2 developers into the exciting world of Web3. We are excited to have seen a record number of 38 submissions using our best-in-class endpoints, out of which we have selected 26 winners!

Without further ado, here are a few project highlights. It's worth mentioning that two of these projects also made the list of 15 finalists across Road to Web3!

Winner of Bounty 1: Extending NFT Dashboard Template

Congratulations to Eric Roupe for winning a prize of $500 USDT for his project entitled ‘Dashboard bounty’! His project successfully integrated a login system for our dashboard template, and used the Covalent API masterfully to display multi-chain token and NFT assets in a neat and professional looking page.

![Image]( copy.png)

Winners of Bounty 2: Prize pool

There were an astonishing number of submissions for bounty 2 - around 37 in total. 25 projects integrated the Covalent API in a meaningful way and qualified for the prize pool. Due to the overwhelming number of submissions for this bounty, we decided to increase the prize pool to $3500 USDT from the original $2000 so that bounty winners could walk away with a bigger sum. That said, within this prize pool the awarded amounts were based on the complexity and creative use of our API. Some projects received more than others based on their masterful and novel implementations.

In the following section, we would just like to highlight some of the outstanding submissions that caught our eye. Keep reading to see the full list of winners!


Developed by Max Bettinelli, Travis Hawley, Matt DePauw, Flourish is an app dedicated to those who want a central repository for viewing their NFTs. This application allows you to connect an Ethereum compatible wallet (Metamask) to the website, and upon connecting, displays your NFTs. The design of this app is superb, and it is extremely zippy due to their redux integration.



Hashscan is an aggregated web3 user analytics developed by Alex Tkachenko, Alex Nikolaev, Pavel Losev. It allows one to compose a segment of users based on filters and view event analytics for this user segment. We felt that the project deserves a special mention due to the neat UI, as well as a more sophisticated filtering system using our Get Log Events by Topic Hash endpoint. This project also made it into Road to Web3's top 15 finalists overall!



Polysign is an e-signature collection platform backed by IPFS and Polygon Smart Contracts, developed by Chris Buonocore. It enables anyone to create and collect e-signatures against documents without a vendor agreement, by generating an NFT that links both the signer’s signature and the documents being agreed on. The history of requests and completed e-signatures are generated with Covalent’s transactions endpoint. Along with Hashscan above, this was another project that made it into the overall [finalist](This project also made it into Road to Web3's top 15 finalists roster!



Risk is an app that allows users to speculate on NFT floor prices in betting pools. How it does so is as following. A user can select any NFT collection on various chains tracked by the Covalent API, and create a betting game NFT which tracks the floor price of an NFT collection by a certain date. The user that created this NFT gets a small cut of the betting which occurs on both sides of a binary event, for instance, ‘will BAYC floor price be > 100ETH on date X?’. Users will see this NFT on any marketplace like OpenSea and be able to bet on it or buy the game directly and potentially profit from the outcome of the betting game.


Those are just some of the awesome winners we were fortunate enough to crown! See the full list below and check out their projects through the Road to Web3 project showcase here!