Blog Banner: Rohit Tandon: “I'm ready to help create groundbreaking products.”

Rohit Tandon: “I'm ready to help create groundbreaking products.”

I met Ganesh through a mutual friend at SFU. Back then, we were just dreamers and wide eyed undergrads. Learning and absorbing everything going on around us. Fast forward a few years, I was working with Blast Radius and Ganesh was trying his hand at social games. One Friday, a few of us met up for beers and that's when I handed my old business card to Ganesh. Those days he was renting a desk at A Thinking Ape's office. Later that same business card got me a job with A Thinking Ape and we found ourselves working in the same office. Over the next 2 years I saw Ganesh work hard and stay relentless.

"I have the opportunity to define a revolutionary technology..."

In 2013, while I was exploring some new opportunities, I reached out to Ganesh to see if his startup at that time had a need for a designer. Since they were mostly a server side product, there was no immediate need for a designer. We caught up over a call and ended up going our different ways as I moved to India the following year.

Five years later we bumped into each other on the escalators at a mall. I had just moved back to Vancouver and was working with Apply Digital, Ganesh was working on Covalent. We exchanged numbers and planned to catch up. With our busy lives, we never really got a chance to catch up but I kept an eye on Covalent through LinkedIn. In 2020, after reading about Covalent's private sale round, I congratulated Ganesh. His years of hustling and staying relentless were starting to pay off and slowly Covalent was picking up speed.

In the last week of 2020, Ganesh called me and we spoke. We caught up and got talking about Covalent. He wanted to pick my brain and find out how to incorporate design and improve branding in his company. He wanted to find out how design agencies work with startups and how he should go about it. One thing led to another, and I ended up joining Covalent as Head of Design.

Now, I have the opportunity to define a revolutionary technology all while learning along the way. The world of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency is new to me, however I'm ready to help create groundbreaking products with Ganesh. His years of relentless pursuit is not only inspirational but also contagious. After all these years, I look forward to working with Ganesh and the talented Covalent team!