Blog Banner: September 2021 Community Update!

September 2021 Community Update!

We're officially into spooky season now, but there's nothing scary about our September Community Update!


  • 2 new blockchains indexed
  • 2000+ Stake in the City participants
  • 2 conferences
  • 1 DAO launch
  • 1000+ new Alchemists
  • 3 product updates
  • 2 major hackathons

Key Highlights

  • In case you missed it (ICYMI), our Community Call #6 wrapped up a bunch of our wins as we closed out Q3. You can watch it below, or keep reading...
  • Our CFO and Head of Research, Adrian Jonklaas, was published in DefiPrime! This stellar article compared OpenSea to traditional art markets, using Covalent's data. We were thrilled to showcase this type of long-form, thoughtful content that can come from our data layer, and we look forward to seeing more growth in blockchain-based research. Read the article here!
  • Speaking of research, we had our first Guild Workshop produced by AlchemistDAO! We saw over 60 people come out to watch a presentation by Guild Leader Thomas Thiery, on how he structured the flow of research within a DAO, and the different ways for people to get involved! 🤯💕 60 people on our first @AlchemistDAO Research Guild call so far…🔥 Awesome presentation by @ThomayTHIERS on how everybody can get involved with data!— Leilani Ledingham (@leichain) September 29, 2021
  • We also had an epic AMA session with! After the listing of CQT on their platform, we were looking forward to answering questions from the community, and we even designed unique NFTs that were given away to some lucky audience members. 📺 Live Video #AMA featuring @gane5h, CEO & Co-Founder of @Covalent_HQJoin for a chance to win 1 of 10 exclusive NFTs!To participate:1️⃣ Like & Retweet2️⃣ Submit a question:⏰ 12 Oct 1PM UTC / 9PM HKT— (@cryptocom) October 6, 2021
  • Our Head of Marketing Pratik Gandhi was featured in an article titled "India’s crypto industry builds amid hopes for positive regulations". Being based in India, Pratik shared some awesome insights on the ecosystem growth he is witnessing, as well as optimal guidelines for the evolving regulatory framework.
  • We got a love letter (kind of). Some of our private sale participants at Mechanism Capital had great things to say about their commitment to our project! We are fortunate to work with people that understand our mission and vision, and encourage us to go far. Our returns at @MechanismCap are primarily driven by betting hard on conviction and then betting more as we observe executionWe invested in @Covalent_HQ in their seed, follow on round, and have continued to accumulate $CQT from public markets the last few months— ✨ᕙ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ᕗ✨ Andrew Kang (@Rewkang) October 5, 2021 ## Community
  • It seems like ages ago now, but in September we officially launched AlchemistDAO! The new structure of the Alchemist Program allows anyone holding 1 CQT to participate, and allows voting and decision-making to happen at the Alchemist level! Since the launch, we've had over 1000 new members join our Discord, and we're observing our talented leaders build out structures and plans in order to achieve their goals! Check it out here.
  • Stake in the City has continued to be an awesome success! The first season raked in over 2000 participants across all three episodes! These Alchemists came from over 65 countries, and claimed over 3000 exclusive NFT badges as a result of completing the educational videos and quizzes. We are now live with Season 2 focusing on Delegating in our network, and we're up to exciting things showcasing the UI for our staking dashboard and more! Image
  • One of our objectives with AlchemistDAO was to include partners in our process and showcase what awesome talent we have. We were fortunate enough to partner with the great folks at Harmony, who we met at MCON, as well as Blockchain UBC and Koios! These partners are getting involved with our community and helping to build awesome use-cases as we continue to explore #OneBillionPossibilities. ## Partnerships
  • We did a thing. A big thing. We partnered with Klaytn! Klaytn is an enterprise-grade settlement layer, backed by KakaoTalk -one of Asia's leading messenger services with over 50 million active users! This integration is huge, because by indexing Klaytn we are making our data accessible to an entirely new market that is looking to make blockchain usage mainstream. 1/ Korea, here we come! 🇰🇷🥳 We’re very pleased to announce a partnership with @klaytn_official, an enterprise-grade platform making blockchain accessible to millions! #CovalentAPI— Covalent 🧪 (@Covalent_HQ) September 28, 2021
  • Continuing on our quest of data transparency, we also indexed Nervos! We were delighted to partner with Nervos Network, a platform for universal blockchain applications, because our unified API creates the optimal experience for developers wanting to build multi-chain applications and more! Nervos and Covalent Integration Offers Devs Easy Access to Historical Blockchain Data | Nervos Network ## Hackathons
  • In September, we were fortunate to sponsor ETHOnline -ETHGlobal's biggest hackathon of the year! This hackathon featured a $350,000+ prize pool as well as an awesome roster of speakers which we were happy to be a part of! You can watch Harish Raisinghani and Charlie Baker give a presentation on our API here!
  • In the last days of the month we kicked off our biggest One Million Wallets yet in partnership with RSK! RSK is secured by the Bitcoin network, so we were happy to involve the community in a host of challenges pertaining this gigantic ecosystem. Winners will be announced soon! ## Events
  • As many of you saw, our teammates went to MCON in Denver for the launch of AlchemistDAO! This was a great experience to learn more about coordination in web3, as well as meet many of our virtual friends face-to-face! We were happy to host a panel with leaders like Cooper Turley (FWB), Chris Ciobanica (MEME) and Jess Sloss (Seed Club). Image
  • Covalent went to the big apple! Our new Head of Investments, Dhawal Shah, was able to attend Mainnet NYC and share his learnings from the conference! We were fortunate to hear what went on and where the focus areas are going forward in this space. Spreading the knowledge from events like these is a great way for our team to stay engaged and motivated.
  • Our Head of Marketing, Pratik, was featured on DoinGud Podcast alongside @robogajesh, the 13 year-old founder behind Gaj Finance. They got to discuss community, data, NFTs, and much more Tokenverse Episode 18: An Alchemist's Guide to Blockchain Data In this podcast session, our guests are: @robogajesh Founder of @GajFinance & @StableGaj and @travpreneur Head of Marketing at @covalent_hq— DoinGud (@DoinGudHQ) September 30, 2021
  • Our Head of Ecosystem Growth, Erik Ashdown, spoke at DeFi Toronto -a virtual blockchain conference- on the future of on-chain data! This was an awesome event featuring leaders like Jeffrey Zirlin (Known for Axie Infinity) and Chinmay Patel from BlockX Labs. Image
  • Lastly, Covalent went on our first company retreat to Whistler, Canada! We had an absolute blast and got to know each other better as a team. This was organized by our fantastic Operations Manager, Elizabeth, who put everything together and arranged for us to have the best time. You can read more about it here! Image ## Technical/Product Updates
  • For the start of the last quarter, we took a step back from implementing new features and focused mainly on infrastructure and decentralization. Therefore, in the month of September, our commitment was geared towards strengthening our core infrastructure and upgrading our endpoints to better serve our customers.
  • We added compatibility for RNS. RNS provides an architecture that enables the identification of blockchain addresses by human-readable names. Covalent API users can query data on the RSK network by parsing RNS addresses.
  • The Get token balances for address balances\_v2 endpoint now includes a timestamp field! This extra field last\_transferred_at: indicates the time of last transfer for a particular wallet address. Image
  • An interesting update for us in September is the update of the Token Balance service which when queried can now return a range of wallet historical portfolios by day! It defaults to 30 days when queried. This is available across the Get Token Holders as of a Block Height token\_holders endpoint and Get Transactions transactions\_v2 endpoint.