Blog Banner: Covalent Partners with UpBots to Bring Historical, Granular Data to Both Novice and Seasoned Traders

Covalent Partners with UpBots to Bring Historical, Granular Data to Both Novice and Seasoned Traders

VANCOUVER, November 11th, 2020 - Covalent is delighted to announce a partnership with UpBots, an all-in-one platform that brings together the best crypto trading tools and strategies that are generally stand-alone services. It provides a 360° trading experience where users simply choose what best suits their profile.

At the center of UpBot’s mission is to serve traders better by equipping them with excellent trading options and unique tools in the cryptocurrency space and beyond. UpBots aims to close the gap between amateurs and seasoned traders through a marketplace for trading bots, signal providers, social copy trading and an online learning platform. They are developing a trading dashboard that enables trading and charting across multiple of the most respected and liquid crypto exchanges.

Of course, data will play a role in all of this. Through this partnership, Covalent will be able to help both the novice and seasoned traders in the accounting of their digital assets on UpBots. Covalent’s unique approach to indexing blockchain data will allow wallet activity to be tracked and as a result, a number of features will be available to the user such as:

  • Powered by Covalent’s granular, historical data, users will be able to view a time series of their wallet activity. This will enable users to view historical balances and real-time daily wallet figures. This is especially important considering Access to historical data like balances and positions is increasingly important for record-keeping and tax purposes.

  • Users will be able to receive real-time notifications on their positions.

Quote from Ganesh, Covalent's CEO

We are delighted to be branching out into the trading ecosystem, especially through such an exciting project as UpBots. Covalent will empower and inform the decision making of the UpBots user through granular, real-time data. Furthermore, it is a privilege to be partnering with a project addressing the educational barriers that are without a doubt significant obstacles in achieving mainstream adoption.

Quote from Benjamin, CEO of UpBots

It's an amazing opportunity for UpBots to work with the Covalent’s team. This collaboration will see us bring Covalents' data-handling tools to the UpBots platform, allowing our user base to access even more real-time data analytics and enjoy the most advanced wallet analytics management tools. We are excited to see the results their system brings to our platform.

About UpBots

UpBots is an all-in-one platform that brings together numerous trading tools, strategies, bots, and other trading resources into a single interface. It provides users with a comprehensive trading experience where they can select what best suits their profile. Connected to multiple exchanges over APIs, UpBots users can always trade at the best conditions.