Covalent: Covalent Partners with ZeroSwap to Bring Unmatched Visibility to DEX Trader Activity

Niall Yorke

Product, Covalent

Covalent Partners with ZeroSwap to Bring Unmatched Visibility to DEX Trader Activity

Oct 15, 2020

VANCOUVER, October 15th, 2020 - Covalent is excited to announce a technical partnership with ZeroSwap, a multi-chain protocol with liquidity mining, DeFi token offerings and DEX aggregation. This partnership comes in the wake of ZeroSwap understanding that the tooling required to understand what is going on with each transaction at the block level is still nascent. Fortunately, Covalent is positioned to bring data transparency and visibility to blockchain assets.

Through the use of the Covalent API, traders on ZeroSwap will be able to export their trading data with full historical context which will allow benchmarking of investor performance and record-keeping as evidence for tax purposes. Furthermore, this integration will allow for ZeroSwaps DEX order book data to be available for traders looking to understand the nature of the platform on a more granular level. As a result, quantitative traders will be able to understand the nature of the strategies that are used in DEXs.

Quote from Ganesh, Covalent’s CEO

Both Covalent and ZeroSwap realize the importance of user experience in improving both DeFi and DEX adoption. This integration proves just that. Covalent is delighted to be partnering with ZeroSwap and being the data provider that will empower the ZeroSwap trader.

Quote from Chandrashekar Ram, ZeroSwap’s CEO

Covalent is the industry's trusted source for blockchain-specific data, which is critical for users engaging with DeFi today. With this integration, our objective is to address the user’s most pressing needs and to understand what is going on with each transaction at the block level. With this partnership, we will be able to grow together and provide data for multiple blockchains from one UX.

This partnership is another step toward improved data transparency and the adoption of DeFi. Moving forward, Covalent and ZeroSwap will be providing continued support to one another.

About ZeroSwap is a Multi-Chain, Zero-fee, On-chain Trading protocol with Liquidity Mining, DeFi Token Offering, and DEX Aggregation. The protocol will reward users every time they make an on-chain trade and provide liquidity to existing DEXes. All transactions would be Gasless with Zero Trade Fee.

About Covalent

Covalent provides the industry-leading Unified API bringing visibility to billions of Web3 data points. Developers use Covalent to build exciting multi-chain applications like crypto wallets, NFT galleries, and investor dashboard tools utilizing data from 40+ blockchains. Covalent is trusted by a community of 30,000+ developers and powers data for 3000+ applications including 0x, Zerion, Rainbow Wallet, Rotki, Bitski and many others.

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