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author By Ganesh on January 17, 2020

TLDR; For better or worse, the crypto industry has fixated on Total Value Locked (TVL) in DeFi protocols as the unit of measure to benchmark the traction / adoption of this nascent industry. In this post, we make the case that it’s neither and the metric tracks factors irrelevant to traction/adoption. The entirety of this metric depends on the ETH-USD market.

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author By Ganesh on November 20, 2019

Getting accurate crypto data is HARD and continues to be an adoption blocker. In this episode, we look at a surprising discrepancy of interest rates for a popular lending platform Nuo Networks.

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author By Ganesh on November 7, 2019

Ganesh (Covalent’s co-founder) had the opportunity to speak to a group of DeFi enthusiasts last week in Toronto on sustainable business models in the blockchain chain. Video recording LIVE from the #DeFi Toronto meetup! — Ganesh Swami (@gane5h) November 8, 2019

author By Ganesh on November 4, 2019

How does $400,000 of profit per month from #DeFi sound to you? Skeptical? 🤔

That’s what dYdX Protocol liquidators made in September 2019 by liquidating undercollateralized loans.

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author By Ganesh on October 28, 2019

TLDR; We’re excited to launch DeFi behind the scenes – an exploratory look at business models and traction behind various decentralized finance applications on the blockchain. Two widely held beliefs about Ethereum DApps: 1) Nobody uses them for anything useful besides speculation and 2) There are no business models and nobody is making money. Our vision behind this series is to use data to provide a credible narrative behind the dollars and users that make these projects stick. We are experimenting with a video format to tell this story – short 5 to 10 minutes that builds a case.

We kickoff the first episode with InstaDApp - an intuitive frontend for MakerDAO, Compound, Uniswap and other decentralized finance applicaitons.

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author By Ganesh on August 29, 2019

TLDR; Stablecoins have been all the rage in 2019 – arguably one of the few products on the blockchain that have found product-market fit. There are over 30 stablecoins live on Ethereum. But picking one stablecoin over another can be challenging. We need a deeper understanding of stablecoins to analyze investment returns, build portfolios and reduce risk. We explore the concept of velocities – an economic signal to determine the activity of an economy. Higher velocities correspond to more activity and vice-versa.

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