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author By Byron on July 14, 2020

TLDR; SafeKeep is the only place to get a truly complete understanding of your MakerDAO assets, debts and Vault activity. This includes every single action that changes your collateral or debt, including the historical fiat prices, stability fees, previously closed CDPs/Valts and support for every single collateral types that has been added to Maker in the recent past.

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author By Ganesh on March 17, 2020

TLDR; Today we are excited to release an industry-defining notification engine for the Ethereum blockchain. In light of recent events that occurred with the Maker system, we leaned into our product roadmap to ship this urgent feature today rather than sometime later in the year. Our vision is to materially reduce the number of liquidations that happen to borrowers because nobody should lose funds due to bad or unavailable data.

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