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author By Ganesh on February 5, 2020

TLDR; Today, we are happy to open-source a compilation of customer research on the DeFi userbase. We’ve invested 100’s of hours researching the most engaged DeFi users to understand their immediate and urgent needs. We are also sharing our process of whittling down these insights into a list of priority action items. Part 1 of this post includes research on Set protocol and Gnosis wallets.

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author By Ganesh on February 2, 2020

TLDR; Founders want to build big expansive products. In my opinion, starting to build a big product with lots of use-cases is the wrong approach and is very difficult to pull off. It’s better to start planning your roadmap as a set of narrow overlapping use-cases with a tight narrative. We present a repeatable process to apply to your product roadmap to achieve product-market fit and wide adoption.

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