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author By Ganesh on February 23, 2020

TLDR; When investors evaluate the risks associated with Staking Yields, they are usually considering smart contract security risk, economic risk and perhaps regulatory/compliance risk. In this post, we make the case that there’s also an opportunity cost risk behind staking that an investor often overlooks. This is the risk of participating in a staking network as a validator as opposed to simply staying put on your initial cryptoassets. Our thesis is that this facet of risk will come under increased scrutiny as more Proof-of-Stake (PoS) networks come online.

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author By Ganesh on February 9, 2020

TLDR; Staking is radical in the crypto world. It recreates parallels to traditional finance which is something mainstream investors understand. We make the case that though staking yields look approachable, they are still nuanced. An investor must think about token economics, security budgeting and tax efficiency when considering staking.

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