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API Changelog

Every change to our API matters and reflects our belief in one of the following guiding principles which we include as tags on each changelog item:

  • <multichain> - one unified API for all chains
  • <data-accessibility> - access to any blockchain data at any time with greater detail.
  • <no-code> - support for non-devs



  • Binance Smart Chain (BSC) has been indexed and is now ready for beta testing. BSC is one of the most promising up-and-coming blockchains and we are thrilled to be supporting it. <multichain>

  • New endpoint: Show all NFT token IDs by contract address <data-accessibility>

  • Token balances endpoint now displays the token classification (ie. ERC20, ERC721, ERC1155, etc.). <no-code> <data-accessibility>

  • Topic Hash Calculator - can find the topic hashes that are available in any smart contract address. <no-code> <data-accessibility>

  • Uniswap Network V2 Assets endpoint now has an updated_at field to display when the last time the data was refreshed. <data-accessibility>




  • SushiSwap balances and log events are now available to serve up data for one of the largest DeFi exchanges. <data-accessibility>

  • Aave V2 balances and network assets are now available to add to our existing support for one of the most promising projects in DeFi. <data-accessibility>

  • All Class A endpoints now support CSV format. Simply append &format=csv to the URL to get your API response as CSV. <no-code>

  • Matic MainNet and Matic Mumbai TestNet are now live. For more info, check out our docs on the Matic network: Matic Network. <multichain>

  • New NFT metadata endpoint providing ERC721 and ERC1155 metadata is now available. For more information on how to access NFT data, check out the Working with NFTs case study. <data-accessibility>