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Transaction Parsing

Learn to parse transaction data from the Get transactions API endpoint

The transactions of ERC-20 tokens are parsed by the "Get ERC20 token transfers" API endpoint but a native blockchain token is not considered an ERC-20 standard token so the transactions are not parsed.

In this tutorial you will learn how to parse transactions that include a native token. We will use the Avalanche C-Chain chain but it works the same for others supported networks like Ethereum.


Step 1: Get the token address

The native AVAX token has a contract address you can fetch from the Avalanche explorer: For this guide we use the AVAX address : 0xB31f66AA3C1e785363F0875A1B74E27b85FD66c7.

Step 2: Filter transactions

Now we go though the real part ! We are going to start by filtering transactions types.

There are 2 possible transaction patterns for a swap:

  • A transaction with a first log event called a Swap.
  • A transaction with a first log event called a Withdrawal and second log event called a Swap.

In the following repl, the provided code makes a call to fetch all transactions.

Your task is to filter the transactions to display those transactions separated by their Swap patterns by doing the following:

  1. Replace the three dots on lines 12 and 14 to make the code pass the unit test.

Note: When you first try to edit the code, you will be prompted to "Fork & edit this repl". If you are logged into, you can do this seamlessly without leaving the page.

  1. Click on the Run button to run tests to see if you did this correctly.

Well done ! You have filtered the two swap patterns!

Step 3: Filter the transactions that match the token: AVAX

Now we want to filter to get only the swaps that include AVAX tokens.

Your task is to:

  1. Edit the following code by replacing the three dots by the address of the AVAX token to return only the transactions which includes AVAX:

Well done. Now we just have the AVAX swap transactions.

Step 4: Get the amount of exchanged tokens

The price is in the Swap event. As we saw before, we have two patterns and the Swap log is not in the same position in the two patterns. To get the price we will use this formula :

t.log_events[{position_of_swap_log}].decoded.params[{position_of_price}].value / 10**token.contract_decimals

The Swap log event has two pairs of parameters:

  • amount0In (position 1 in array of parameters) / amount1Out(position 4 in array of parameters)
  • amount1In (position 2 in array of parameters) / amount0Out (position 3 in array of parameters)

In this repl we have the last code and a new function that must return the prices. Your task is to:

  1. Replace the three dots in the follow code to make tests pass.

Tada! Now you have the prices. You can also get the gas with the formula :


I hope the tutorial was cool and you learned something ! If you have any feedback or you want help, please ask on Discord.