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Palm Quick Facts

Palm is a new NFT ecosystem for Culture and Creativity, built efficiently with Ethereum. Palm NFT Studio collaborates with creatives, artists, marketplaces, and rights holders to bring projects and platforms into the Palm ecosystem. Together, with some of the biggest names in fine art, cryptoart, and entertainment, Palm is building a new creative studio and NFT ecosystem on Ethereum that is both scalable and sustainable. Creators using the Palm ecosystem will benefit from super low gas fees, and the Palm ecosystem will reward both creators and participants. The Palm ecosystem was designed from the ground up to be as flexible as artists are creative.

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Chain namepalm-mainnet
Chain ID11297108109
Block explorer
Blocktime6 seconds
Historical balances
NFT assets and metadata
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Code Samples

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  4. Get a block

Get token balances for address


Commonly used to fetch the native, fungible (ERC20), and non-fungible (ERC721 & ERC1155) tokens held by an address. Response includes spot prices and other metadata.

Each API Call Currently Costs: 1.00 Credits.

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curl -X GET{chainName}/address/{walletAddress}/balances_v2/ \
    -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
    -u YOUR_API_KEY: \
     # The colon prevents curl from asking for a password