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Palm is a new NFT ecosystem for Culture and Creativity, built efficiently with Ethereum.

Palm NFT Studio collaborates with creatives, artists, marketplaces, and rights holders to bring projects and platforms into the Palm ecosystem.

Together, with some of the biggest names in fine art, cryptoart, and entertainment, Palm is building a new creative studio and NFT ecosystem on Ethereum that is both scalable and sustainable.

Creators using the Palm ecosystem will benefit from super low gas fees, and the Palm ecosystem will reward both creators and participants. The Palm ecosystem was designed from the ground up to be as flexible as artists are creative.

Quick facts

Palm Mainnet chainId11297108109
Palm Testnet chainId11297108099
Palm Block Explorer
Palm Documentation

Supported endpoints


    • Get token balances for address. Return a list of all ERC20 and NFT token balances including ERC721 and ERC1155 along with their current spot prices.

    • Retrieve all transactions for address including their decoded log events. This endpoint does a deep-crawl of the blockchain to retrieve all kinds of transactions that references the address.

    • Get ERC20 token transfers for address along with historical token prices.

    • Return a paginated list of token holders contract_address as of any historical block height.

    • Return a paginated list of decoded log events emitted by a particular smart contract.

    • Return a paginated list of decoded log events with one or more topic hashes separated by a comma.
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