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Pandora Express


Netflix of NFT "View All your NFTs at one place".

Use of Covalent API

The Covalent API was used for the retrieval of several pieces of key information. These are:

  • Visualize the best NFT: Enormous growth of NFT is an excellent thing for the industry, but it makes it difficult for the general user to choose which NFT to buy/hold or sell — on Express, all the newest, oldest, recently sold, and trending NFT is arranged to visualize users better. Visualizing all NFT in various orders will make NFT owners and other participants efficiently make the decision.
  • Price discovery: We have brought the price discovery for each NFT. Price discovery will help users predict the price of any individual NFT on different time intervals like (1 day, 1 Week, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, and 1 year). Users can predict the price of each NFT a max of three times. Users can check the price quoted by them vs the price quoted by the community on average. And yes, doing all these are free of cost.
  • Creators Profile: Creators are the driving force for the NFT ecosystem. Many creators are known for creating rare NFT over some time. Users can curate the top creators of all onboarded marketplace and visualize their arts. At the same time, creators can market their other social media profiles to demonstrate their other artworks and their validity.
  • Share: Sharing is caring. NFT owners, creators, royalties beneficiary, and others can share their art on Twitter with a single click among their audience for better reach.
  • Search NFT: Remember the google chrome homepage where you can enter anything on the tab and get its details? Express also came up with a search bar where users can search about any specific NFT of any onboarded NFT platform.


This product is developed by #Pandora Finance