Moralis provides a single workflow for building high performance web3 applications. The Covalent Moralis plugin is a wrapper around the Covalent Unified API to pull cross-chain historical and granular data seamlessly from within the Moralis SDK.


Code Example

See the full Covalent Moralis plugin documentation here.

The following examples shows how, given the chainId, user address and an ERC20 token contract address, a user can get all the ERC20 token transfers along with their historical prices at the time of transfer:

interface GetErc20TokenTransactionsForAddressDto {
  chainId: number;
  address: Address;
  tokenAddress: Address;
  quoteCurrency?: string;
  pageNumber?: number;
  pageSize?: number;

await Moralis.Plugins.covalent.getErc20TokenTransfersForAddress(GetErc20TokenTransactionsForAddressDto);
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