Our Free Tier changed on March 1st
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Pricing & Rates Card

This page includes general information on the pricing options for the Covalent Unified API, our credit system and how we calculate billing. Prices are in USD.

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Pricing Tiers

FreePremiumInner Circle
$0 /monthFrom $50 /monthLet's Talk
All Class A Endpoints
All Class B Endpoints
Higher rate limits-
Premium Balances endpoint-
Dedicated account management--
Requests per second limit4 RPS50 RPSCustom
Included credits per month100K100KCustom
Included credit consumptionAll endpointsPremium endpoints onlyCustom
Flex credit price-$0.001 /creditCustom

Free Tier

The Covalent Unified API has been and always will be free.

To continue to provide this shared public resource for anyone to use, Free tier usage will be capped.

At the beginning of March 2023, all accounts on the Covalent API Free tier will be allocated a 100,000 credit limit. Credits on the free tier are spent across all endpoints and networks (including testnets). Once the monthly credit limit is exceeded, calls to the API from that account will be severely restricted.

Key Features

  • 4 RPS

  • 100,000 credits per month, spent across all endpoints


Premium Tier

The Premium tier is available for users who want to scale with us and require better performance for their applications. Access Premium endpoints that are production ready: expect better reliability and faster response times.

New endpoints are regularly being adding to the Premium tier. Follow the roadmap below to find out when new, high performance endpoints are upgraded to Premium.

The launch of the Covalent Premium API exclusively features our most popular endpoint: Get token balances for address on the Ethereum blockchain, as well as other paid endpoints as listed below.

Key Features

  • 50 RPS

  • 100,000 credits per month, spent across premium endpoints

  • Auto-scaling Flex credits allow your app to consume credits past the included 100,000 credits

  • 10x faster average response time

  • 50% decrease in response time variance

  • includes development API keys (4RPS) for testing


Flex Credits

Covalent uses a credit system to calculate billing for customers in the Premium tier. With a Premium tier account ($50/mo without auto-scale), users are entitled to 100,000 credits to consume with no additional charges. For users that need more credits, they can enable auto-scale.


Setting auto-scale to On enables the use of Flex Credits on your upgraded keys. These credits go into effect once you surpass the 100,000 credits included in the Premium tier. All Flex Credits are charged at $0.001 per credit. You can set a cap for the amount of Flex Credits you would like to enable per billing period (monthly). You will only be charged for what you use, and you won't be able to be charged beyond your cap.

No Auto-scale

Setting auto-scale to Off means you can't consume any credits beyond the 100,000 included in the Premium tier. You can switch auto-scale to On and consume Flex Credits at $0.001 per credit for more credits. See more details on your Billing Overview page.


Rates Card

Premium Endpoints

With the Covalent Premium tier, only the following endpoints count against your monthly credit allocation:

EndpointChainCredit rate
Get token balances for addressEthereum eth-mainnet, BNB Smart Chain (BSC) bsc-mainnet & bsc-testnet, Polygon matic-mainnet & matic-mumbai1 credit /API call
Get all transactions in a blockAll mainnets0.05 - 0.20 credit /transaction item
Get a transactionAll chains0.05 - 0.10 credit /transaction item
Transaction V3 endpointsAll chains except bsc-mainnet0.05 - 0.10 credit /transaction item

Free Endpoints

  • Premium tier users have unlimited access to Free endpoints - usage does not count towards paid credits consumption
  • Free tier users are limited to 100,000 credits per month
EndpointChainCredit rate
Get transactions for address (V2)All chains0.05 - 0.20 credit /transaction item
Get historical portfolio view over timeAll chains2 credits for every 30 days
Get ERC20 token transfers for addressAll chains0.05 credit /transfer item
Get token holders as of any block height (V2)All chains2 credits /API call
Get changes in token holders between two block heightsAll chains4 credits /API call
Get NFT token IDs for contractAll chains0
Get NFT transactions for contractAll chains0
Get NFT external metadata for contractAll chains0
Get a blockAll chains0
Get block heightsAll chains0
Get log events by contract addressAll chains0
Get log events by topic hash(es)All chains0
Get all chainsAll chains0
Get all chainsAll chains0
Get all chain statusesAll chains0
Get XY=K poolsAll chains0
Get XY=K pools by addressAll chains0
Get XY=K address exchange balancesAll chains0
Get XY=K network exchange tokensAll chains0
Get XY=K supported DEXsAll chains0
Get XY=K single network exchange tokenAll chains0
Get XY=K transactions for account addressAll chains0
Get XY=K transactions for token addressAll chains0
Get XY=K transactions for exchangeAll chains0
Get XY=K ecosystem chart dataAll chains0
Get XY=K health dataAll chains0
Get Historical Token PricesAll chains0


Credit Pricing Example

Wallet example

Consider a wallet application that supports three blockchains:

  1. Ethereum (7,000 daily active users)
  2. Polygon (3,000 daily active users)
  3. Optimism (1,000 daily active users)

The application uses the balances_v2 endpoint to serve data to its users, and each call to the balances endpoint consumes 1 credit.

The total credit consumption per day is:

+ 3,000
+ 1,000 
= 11,000 credits /day.

In one month, the total credit consumption for the application is:

x 30 days 
= 330,000 credits /month.

Because only the Ethereum balances endpoint is a paid endpoint, and both Polygon and Optimism are free for now, the total paid credits consumed is:

x 30 days 
= 210,000 credits /month.

The Premium Plan includes 100,000 credits, so the total flex consumption is:

- 100,000
= 110,000 flex credits
= $110 @ $0.001 /credit.

The total cost for the application to run each month is $110 for the credit usage plus $50 for the Premium Plan:

+ $50
= $160 /month.

Transaction example

Consider an app that requests transactions at the latest block height on the Ethereum blockchain, for 1000 daily active users (dau). The application uses the transactions_v3 endpoint, which consumes 0.05 credits per returned transaction item. The default page size is 10 transaction items, which makes the credit cost 0.5 credits per API call. In one month, the total credit consumption is:

  1,000 dau
x 0.05 credits /transaction item
x 10 returned items
x 30 days
= 15,000 credits /month.

Now consider a scenario where the API call should also include all decoded event logs for every transaction. The credit cost to include logs is an additional 0.05 per transaction item, regardless of the number of logs returned per transaction item. This is on top of the 0.05 base credit cost for the returned transaction items, for a total of 0.1 credits per transaction item. In one month, the total credit consumption is:

  1,000 dau
x (0.05 + 0.05) credits /transaction item
x 10 returned items
x 30 days
= 30,000 credits /month.

In addition to decoded event logs, if a developer wants to include enhanced dex trades and nft sale transactions for every transaction item returned, the credit cost is an additional 0.05 per enhancement. In one month, the total credit consumption is:

  1,000 dau
x (0.05 + 0.05 + 0.05 + 0.05) credits /transaction item
x 10 returned items
x 30 days
= 60,000 credits /month.



While the Premium tier currently only features the balances endpoint, more are coming soon. Our transactions endpoint is undergoing substantial upgrades and is the next to go Premium.

Follow our announcements to stay in the loop on updates to the Premium tier.

Nov 16, 2022Token balances endpoint on eth-mainnet goes Premium
Jan 10, 2023Token balances endpoint on bsc-mainnet goes Premium
Jan 18, 2023Transactions for a block endpoint on *-mainnet goes Premium
Feb 19, 2023Token balances endpoint on matic-mainnet goes Premium1 credit /API call
March 1, 2023Token balances endpoint on matic-mumbai and bsc-testnet go Premium1 credit /API call
March 24, 2023Token holders V2 goes live for eth-mainnet, bsc-mainnet, matic-mainnet and testnets2 credits / API call
Expected Q1Transactions balances on eth-mainnet goes Premium0.05 credit /transaction item
Expected Q1NFT endpoints on eth-mainnet, matic-mainnet goes Premium
Expected Q1Transactions balances on matic-mainnet goes Premium0.05 credit /transaction item
Expected Q1XY=K endpoints on eth-mainnet, matic-mainnet goes Premium
Expected Q2Token holders V2 goes premium2 credits / API call