Setup your Covalent account

Access to the Covalent API requires an API key. Registering for an account, creating keys and initial usage is free-of-cost. In addition, there's a generous 100,000 credits made available to you every month for free usage. Make sure you have your adblocker turned off. These restrictions are required in order to prevent abuse.

You will learn how to

  • Create a Covalent account

  • Create a new key

  • Progress to the next step with your first API call via the Typescript SDK or use GoldRush


Create an API Key

An API key is required in order to use Covalent. A key is automatically provisioned when you create a new account. You can create keys at any point.

Your API key is a secret. Compromised keys can lead to malicious actors using your key to make calls to our API and incur excessive charges to your account.

Some tips to keep your API key safe:

  • Do not share your API key with anyone.

  • Do not commit your API key to a public repository. Instead, use environment variables or a configuration file that is not committed to the repository.

  • Do not hardcode your API key in your application.


Quickstart using a SDK or GoldRush

The API key under your Covalent account is just the first step to integrating Covalent into your application. To get the most out of Covalent, please proceed to the Quickstart guides: