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Easily retrieve all historical transactions

All historical transactions across 90+ chains at your fingertips. You can query by address, block number, or transaction hash, and expect to get the richest on-chain data in near real time.

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Getting all transactions of a wallet should be easy

Getting all wallet transactions via traditional approaches such as JSON-RPC, Web3.js, or Ethers.js is tedious. With Covalent API, you can get it with just one call.

Three endpoints for all your transactions use cases

Get transactions for address


Commonly used to fetch the transactions involving an address including the decoded log events.

What can you use this endpoint for?

  • Displaying all user transactions on a page
  • Getting all user transactions for P&L calculation in for taxation tools
  • Displaying all transactions & events of your DeFi smart contract

Get all transactions in a block (v3)


Commonly used to fetch all transactions including their decoded log events in a block and further flag interesting wallets or transactions.

What can you use this endpoint for?

  • Building block explorers
  • Block-level analytics dashboards
  • Notification engines which flags for interesting transactions and notifications
  • Discord bots to watch for wallets, transactions, or events

Get NFT transactions for contract


Commonly used to get all transactions of an NFT token. Useful for building a transaction history table or price chart.

What can you use this endpoint for?

  • Building an NFT historical price chart
  • Building an NFT Transfer history table

We do the hard work, so you don't have to

Over 90 chains supported

Get transactions data in the same structure and schema for 90+ chains, without worrying about anything else. Effortlessly expand the potential reach of your dApp.

Complete historical data

Covalent can provide thousands of transactions with a single API call, serving data back to the genesis block.

Decoded event logs included

We include decoded event logs in our data response to give you the full context of each transaction.

High reliability, low latency

Speed is important. It is also our strong suit. We use a pioneering time-bucket method for transactions retrieval, thereby keeping latency consistently low across the board.

Estimate your cost

Have all your API usage data immediately available when you sign in to your account dashboard. Covalent utilizes a credit system to track API usage, and credits are only charged if you opt for the Premium tier, which offers higher rate limits on the transactions endpoints for Ethereum and BSC blockchains.

Ready to learn more?

Check out some of these resources related to the Covalent transactions endpoints:

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