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Frequently Asked Questions

Focus & Methodology

Why should I subscribe to your research?

We are a smart team of financial analysts, data scientists, blockchain and database engineers passionate about improving and scaling blockchain technologies. We combine our rigorous financial, quantitative and technical skills to deep-dive into various blockchain projects that are shaping the future of the world.

Covalent has built our own proprietary technology that is connected to 7 different blockchain development platforms that scrape the blockchain platforms for traction and adoption data. These platforms have a combined total of over 500 million smart contract transactions.

This technology in combination with our own research methodology, has positioned Covalent to be early frontrunners in the blockchain/crypto business information industry.

Who conducts your research and who writes your reports?

Our reports are researched and written by our in-house team of expert analysts in our Vancouver headquarters.

Our analysts have a diverse background ranging from economic trends and market sizing, management consulting, and financial/strategic finance.

Every report is personally reviewed by Ganesh, our CEO, to ensure they meet the quality benchmarks that we've set out for ourselves.

What topics will you be covering next?

So far 2018 has been about setting the foundation stone for Covalent Research. The approach we've taken is to organize the various blockchain projects into crypto-sectors, or "decentralized economies." We've covered about ten sectors so far.

We are keeping tabs on the innovation in the industry and are specifically interested in security token offerings, stable coins and non-fungible tokens. We will continue to bring our data-driven, jargon-free research methodology to these emerging projects.

What format are these reports available in?

The reports are available as a high resolution PDF.

Annual subscribers also get two hard-bound printed reports every month, shipped to you anywhere in the world.

How often do Covalent Research Reports get published?

We publish one or two new reports every month. Each report comes with a full set of supporting media – webinars, slide decks, data sheets and analyst briefings.

We also update already published reports every quarter.

Can I see a sample report(s) to understand the value and quality of the reports?

Yes, you can email us at [email protected] for one free archival report published early on in 2018.

Sharing Policy

Why do we use emails as usernames?

We use emails to notify our subscribers of product updates.

Can I share your report with my colleagues and professional network?

No, your subscription is only meant for you and not for re-distribution. If you're interested in a site-wide license, we offer that as an add-on.

How can I share what I’ve learned from reports?

Covalent does not allow re-distribution of our reports, slides, webinars and other research materials.

Feel free to share certain snippets or lines of our research reports, raw data from our data sheets, and any knowledge acquired from our webinars within your company and with outside associates. However, when you do so, we ask that you cite Covalent and add our logo on any document pages published. A simple citation will do: "According to Covalent..."

Can I save these reports in offline format from my browser?

Yes, you can print the reports.

Purchase and Billing

How can I obtain a receipt for my purchase?

Your receipt will be emailed to you when you complete a purchase. You can also email [email protected] and ask for one.

Can I get a refund if I cancel?

No, we do not offer refunds if you cancel. You can definitely transfer your subscription to another party.

Will I have access to all previous Covalent Research Reports?

Yes, as an annual subscriber, you will have access to all of Covalent's previously published research reports, webinars, slide decks, data sheets and analyst sessions as well as all upcoming research during the term of your subscription.

What happens when my annual subscription expires?

We auto-renew your subscription if your billing information is up-to-date.

If you do not wish to renew your subscription, you must contact [email protected] 30 days before your renewal date with your termination request.