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We've done the work – our expert research tells you what you need to pay attention to and what you can ignore. Written for the layperson in plain English, backed by our proprietary algorithms and data.

Strategic business leaders at the world's biggest corporations, investing and consulting firms turn to Covalent for our blockchain research and insights.

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What problem are we solving?

When people ask, “What is blockchain,” they are really asking “why do I need to care about it and how does it matter?” Not an easy question to answer today and that's inhibiting blockchain adoption.

No matter how successful or well-positioned your company is today, technology moves fast, and disruption sneaks up on even the most powerful companies and business leaders.

Blockchain is emerging as the next technology frontier. Your competitors are staffing up with blockchain experts. Are you going to ignore blockchain technology until it's too late?

Blockchain today is like Netflix in 1998. Don’t be Blockbuster.

We publish in-depth, data-backed research on various industries that are being disrupted with blockchain technology.

What's inside a Covalent industry report?

Every industry report includes:

  1. Market needs and who the traditional players are
  2. What decentralization brings to the table
  3. Top players on the blockchain with traction and adoption numbers
  4. Market sizing and sector ranking
  5. SWOT analysis
  6. Webinars and slide decks summarizing the report

written in plain English for the layperson.

How do we do it?

Covalent is the perfect trifecta of data, talent, and algorithms. They reinforce each other through feedback loops in a virtuous circle.

  1. Data – billions of blockchain transactions that is the combination of on-chain data with off-chain data from a variety of data sources.
  2. Talent – our team of data scientists and financial analysts pore through billions of blockchain transactions, millions of chat messages and thousands of whitepapers to figure out what's important and what is just noise.
  3. Algorithms – our suite of models that sift through the mountains of data and surfaces insights. As our reports are written in plain English, we've had to come up with a set of metrics that is intuitive for the layperson.

How hard can it be?

90% of what we do is hidden behind the scenes. Building and managing scrapers, scaling them, keeping up with protocol changes, natural language processing + synthesizing whitepapers, analyzing utility data, and more.

Latest research

Each report has blog posts, an overview video, and slides you can access for free. You can find the full collection in our Research Hub.

Here's what our clients are saying

Kara Zucker

Head of Operations, Blockchain Assembly

"The model that Covalent uses for its research reports makes it incredibly easy for the reader to understand what's happening in the current marketplace. It's a straight-shooter approach to clearly see where certain products line up within a specific space. With so many projects in the Blockchain space, I highly recommend using Covalent to save your team hours and hours of work."

Alex Benjamin

CEO, Lendful

"The traditional lending space faces ongoing challenges that blockchain seeks to erase. The team at Covalent Research are leading the deep research into these challenges to expose the opportunities; while helping improve the knowledge gap between technical engineers and keen early adopters."

Gary Boddington

CEO, Sports Technology Group

"The sports and esports sectors are going to be transformed with blockchain and cryptocurrency based technology solutions. Covalent Research reports will help sports executives and industry insiders in these respective sectors see the changes coming, and make strategic decisions accordingly."

Zayn Kalyan

CEO, X² Crypto exchange

"Covalent Research reports are a valuable tool for our users in making solid and actionable investment decisions. Covalent’s data-driven approach is a key part of driving mainstream adoption and understanding of the crypto space. They are an essential part of making sure our users are educated and up to date on the latest industry trends in the hottest crypto sectors."

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