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Free, embeddable charts
to share your token unit economics.

You're a company doing token sales and issuing cryptotokens to your investors – and you love showing off the health and value of your tokens.

Covalent's Terminal brings unprecedented breadth, coverage and transparency of blockchain data to you. Embed these free charts on your website to share this valuable data with your token holders.

Supports 7 blockchain networks including and

New Covalent launches the Universal Blockchain Explorer. Read more about our vision behind this tool.

About Our Data

We are a one-stop data provider for blockchains like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Gold, Bitcoin Cash, and Ethereum. We provide data feeds with up-to-date, granular row-level data for advanced analytics. This means you can ask any question you need using SQL or a business intelligence tool like Tableau or PowerBI.

We deliver our data as data feeds that can be loaded into your warehouse, or as a managed service hosted on enterprise-grade infrastructure. Full flexibility while maintaining control.





GB of data


Smart contracts


Updates per sec


Minute latency


Minute setup

Browse Our Schema

Our data feeds are carefully curated and standarized across various blockchain base tables. Currency metadata, token symbols and contract codes are double-checked by real humans to ensure maximum quality.

The networks backing the blockchains live and breathe like an organism. Our data schema covers emergent behavior like soft- and hard-forks. The Bitcoin network alone has three or more blockchains like Bitcoin Classic, Bitcoin Gold, and Bitcoin Cash that have hard-forked off the same blockchain at some point in time. We worked hard to capture this dynamism.

Less Code, Fewer Edge Cases

We help organizations avoid unnecessary complexity with our "direct connect" technology that integrates with dozens of blockchains. No API maintenance, scripting, cron jobs, or JSON wrangling required.

With Covalent you can spend more time working on your business. Our enterprise-grade infrastructure lets you spend less time managing network performance and keeping up with protocol changes.

Our infrastructure can handle anything you throw at it ensuring business continuity.


Covalent is ...


1. Secure

Every endpoint is secured via TLS and follows industry wide best practices and standards.

2. a 5-minute setup

Eliminate the need to provision, configure and maintain Blockchain network client compatibility.

3. Available everywhere

Available as a data feed for your own data warehouse, as a hosted solution, or on-premise behind your firewall.

4. Scalable

Covalent handles all data volumes with no data caps, allowing you to grow without the possibility of failure.

5. Compatible

Covalent speaks JDBC, allowing you to continue to use your existing database drivers and BI tools.

6. Complete

Every historical fork, contract, token and transaction.

7. Future-proof

7 Blockchains supported with more along the way.

8. Predictable

Data latency is 15-minutes for incremental warehouse loads.

9. Curated

Normalized schema for reducing duplications and accurate data.

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