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Covalent Query Token
(CQT) Economics.
About Covalent
Blockchains provides a new frontier of development for enterprises, consumers and software developers. Due to its decentralized architecture, immutable ledger and highly secure framework, applications of the technology will impact industries ranging from finance and retail to personal identity and cryptocurrency.

Covalent provides a unified API bringing visibility to billions of blockchain data points.
Key Highlights
Complete Granular Visibility
Covalent has indexed and decoded entire blockchains making it available to the developer via a unified API. Visibility to billions of blockchain data points for every single wallet.
Multiple Blockchains Supported
The same API works across 18 different blockchains. Developers cut down time to market from 2 weeks to a matter of hours with Covalent.
A Marketplace for Use-Cases
Developers can create their own API endpoints for their projects and list them on the marketplace for others to consume.
Key Token Facts
Covalent Query Token (CQT) is the native token of the Covalent Network.
CQT is a governance token, whereby token holders vote on proposals to change the system parameters.
CQT is a staking asset. Validators will earn fees for answering queries.
CQT is a network access token which fulfill data queries for users of the API.
CQT Allocation
Key Technical Facts
Complete Granular Visibility
Covalent has indexed and decoded entire blockchains making it available to the developer via a unified API. Visibility to billions of blockchain data points for every single wallet.
No code solution
Covalent does not require the developer to write indexing code or understand the nuances of blockchain data structures. Approachable to a non-technical user.
Single API for multiple blockchains
Covalent API normalizes the subtleties of different blockchains with the single unified API. Developers need not understand the arcane nuances when porting over to a multi-chain future.
Primer Transformation engine
An in-house transformation language that is inspired by the MongoDB query language. With Primer, developers can select just the fields that they want and further aggregate the data to suit their needs. All of this is done at query time in real-time instantaneously.
Enriched Decoded data
Data is further decoded into a format that is immediately usable by the developer. There’s no need to go looking for ABIs or write custom decoding code.
Decentralized Indexing-Querying middleware
The Covalent network features a fully decentralized storage and compute layer with low fees and high throughput.
Two of the most prominent leaders in blockchain security have lent their expertise to audit $CQT. We have been able to fix all high - level issues and acknowledged that $CQT’s smart contract contains the Centralization of Power (“COP”).

As of Oct 22, 2020 we are Quantstamp verified.
As of Oct 6, 2020 we are CertiK Very High Confidence security level.

Our Early Backers

Covalent is proud to build the decentralized future with our partners. All backers have long term lockups and are fully committed to the success of the network.

How does our
technology work?
Token Distribution
Covalent’s initial distribution of 1,000,000,000 tokens and their lockups reflect long term commitments to building and growing the network from each group involved.
The Covalent Query Token (CQT)
1. Governance
Token holders vote on proposals to change system parameters such as new data sources, specific geolocations and data modelling requirements
2. Staking & Validation
CQT is a staking asset. Validators will earn fees for answering queries. Token holders can delegate their voting rights to validators.
1 Billion
There will be 1,000,000,000 CQT at genesis.
Staking Reward
Staked CQT earns a variable 3% - 20% APR based on the amount staked in the network.
Earn Fees
Users pay fees to have their queries answered.
Validator Commissions
Validators can charge a commission to users that delegate their tokens to them.
History of Fund Raising
SeedPrivate SalePrivate Sale 2Public SaleTeamAdvisorsReserveStakingEcosystem
Token Allocation100,000,000203,846,15429,305,14234,314,063143,636,03520,000,000188,898,607.1080,000,000200,000,000
% of Total Supply10%20.4%2.9%3.4%14.4%2.0%18.9%8.0%20.0%
Token Price($)$0.005$0.013$0.085$0.125 - $0.35-----
Amount Raised($)$500,000$2,650,000$2,490,937$9,925,809-----
Total Valuation
at Each Round($)
$5,000,000$13,000,000$85,000,000$125,000,000 - $350,000,000-----
Vesting over Months1899-240-244824455347
Cliff in Months600-60-61213060
25% released after
6 months, 25% released
after 12 months, 25%
at 15 months and 25%
at 18 months
25% released at TGE,
25% at 3 months, 25%
at 6 months and 25% at
9 months.
Varies: 25% released
at a time with intervals
ranging from 3 months to
6 months.
Varies: no vesting for Tier 1;
12 month and 24 month vests for
Tier 2 and 3 with 1 month
cliffs respectively. VIP
Tier: 25% released every
6 months with 6 month cliff.
36 month vest;
25% earned at 1 year cliff
vest between
month 13 and 24
6.25% released at TGE,
6.25% at 3 months, 6.25%
at 6 months and 6.25% at
9 months…and 6..25% every
3 months thereafter
through month 45
48 month vest
6 month cliff
48 month
vest from TGE

Our Ecosystem

Blockchains we work with
More to come!
Ecosystem Partners (Projects)
+100 More
Infrastructure Partners
Research Partners
Community Partners
What our partners say about us
"Injective is excited to be working with the team at Covalent. Proper data feeds are an integral component of building a robust derivatives DEX, so this integration can aid in bolstering our ecosystem further."
CTO, ChainGuardians
CEO, BitsCrunch
Eric Chen
CEO, Injective Protocol
Co-founder, CoinGecko
CEO, Polkastarter
We are the only ones to
back in the space
We are a 30-person distributed team with 100 years
of cumulative crypto experience.
  • Ganesh Swami

    Co-founder, CEO

  • Levi Aul

    Co-founder, CTO

  • Adrian Jonklaas


  • Jacqueline Kim Perez

    Token Marketing

  • Erik Ashdown


  • Rohit Tandon


  • Harish Raisinghani

    Developer Evangelism

  • Yarco Hayduk

    Blockchain Engineer

  • Adam Whitaker-Wilson

    API Engineer

  • Niall Yorke


  • Clayton Savage

    Frontend Engineer

  • Danilo Carlucci



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