Covalent | Smart Contract Data Intelligence Platform

Smart Contract Data Intelligence Platform

Empowering decentralized application (dApp) developers to understand the usage of their smart contracts with granular insights.

What is Covalent?

Data on the blockchain tells you how your smart contracts are being used and is the key to understanding your users. But getting to that data is a complex and tedious process.

Covalent provides a unified platform to introspect and query the blockchain without any of the extra work and at a fraction of the cost.

Before Covalent, you had to have an entire engineering team spending months of needless effort before you're able to gather the insights to understand and improve your business.

How it works


Identity your smart contracts

Covalent has indexed every smart contract program including its functional calls and log events.

Tailor your dashboard

Personalize your dashboard to keep an eye on your most important growth drivers and KPIs.

Act on your insights

Use data to improve your product experience and grow your business.

Scale faster with confidence

Covalent is built for scale – we get you the data you need in a scalable and flexible way.

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