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Do you have what it stakes to power our network?
Single-Sided Staking
Stake in the Covalent Network; the interface for accessing the data of web3. Deposit CQT and receive an additional yield for providing security to the network. Covalent will launch single-sided staking as the first nodes go live in the coming weeks, with a unique “Block Specimen Producer” role that doesn’t exist in any other staking program. Currently, we are conducting a Pilot test with our Alchemists called “Stake in the City” as part of a learn to earn campaign.
Checkout Stake in The City
Stake and Sushi, a match made in heaven!
Double-Sided Staking
Stake your LP tokens in our Onsen farm on SushiSwap and earn double rewards ($SUSHI and $CQT) in exchange for providing liquidity to our USDC/CQT pool. These double rewards come in addition to the LP fees you already receive as a liquidity provider. In this case, you are providing both CQT and USDC (double-sided staking) which means that impermanent loss is a risk. Check out our guide on how to add liquidity to our USDC/CQT pool. Link to
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