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Covalent and NodeReal Expand Partnership with Balance API Premium Offering

On the heels of a successful partnership launch in December 2022, Covalent – a Web3 data provider trusted by a community of 40,000+ developers and powering data for 5,000+ applications – today announced the expansion of its work alongside leading blockchain infrastructure provider NodeReal. This elevated collaboration will involve the release of Premium Balance API, a paid, upgraded offering for developers looking to leverage NodeReal’s infrastructure and Covalent’s industry-leading pool of blockchain data. Curated to support the growing need for readily accessible Web3 analytics, the Premium Balance API enables developers to maximize API capabilities by further increasing the speed and efficiency of data queries.

Bundling NodeReal’s RPC services with Covalent’s structured data offering enables builders to create multi-chain dApps and other decentralized projects with greater efficiency, at faster speeds, and lower costs when retrieving blockchain data – allowing for more time spent building and less on the information retrieval process. As Covalent continues its mission of supporting the booming developer ecosystem, strategic initiatives to enhance available tools and data points will only further aid in the development of a resilient Web3 that offers users real-world utility and value. 

The Premium Balance API offering will allow developers to access Covalent’s comprehensive blockchain data quickly – with a rate of 50 requests per second, a dramatic increase from the 4 requests per second made possible with the protocol’s initial offering – and with limited latency, including historical token balances for all native tokens, ERC20, and NFTs. Data will support developers as they create valuable applications spanning wallets, portfolio trackers, NFT galleries, and analytics dashboards, among others. 

“We’re at a critical point in time where Web3 and the blockchain ecosystem as a whole is evolving – users need to know that whatever project they’re engaging with is secure, trustworthy, and holds real utility, and we’re helping developers achieve this through accessible and timely data,” said Ganesh Swami, CEO of Covalent. “This devotion to the developer community is at the root of our expanded collaboration with NodeReal, offering a truly premium product to build applications that consumers, partners, and enterprises enjoy and trust.”

The Ethereum chain and BSC mainnet are fully supported through this partnership and are the first of many blockchains to come in the future. 

”It’s my pleasure to announce the next step in our strategic partnership with Covalent, one of the industry’s most dedicated and outstanding Web3 data providers, “ said Dr. Xiao-guang (Ben) Zhang Co-founder & COO NodeReal. ”With the sets of goals in common, NodeReal & Covalent will strive to work towards valuable ideas and provide innovative solutions for the web3 developer community through the upcoming Premium Balance API offering on NodeReal's open API marketplace”. 

Covalent’s data collection process ensures latency for the most up-to-date information retrieval, tremendous breadth spanning 80+ blockchains and alternative sources (app-chains, L2s, etc), and impressive depth – ensuring all data is analyzed from the genesis block and beyond. Leveraging these findings to unlock the power of Web3 data and provide users with the highest-quality analytics remains in great demand by protocols, institutions, and dApp developers.  

For a special go-to-market both teams will be putting together a twitter space AMA tailored specifically to the Nodereal community to showcase what can be done with the Covalent API. Sign up here

To learn more about Covalent visit or follow @Covalent_HQ on Twitter. 

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