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Covalent Presenting on DePin and Data Availability at ETHDenver 2024!

Covalent is excited to be heading to ETHDenver! If you're attending, be sure to seek out any of our team members during the various events. We're here to discuss everything from Covalent's latest developments to broader conversations about the future of blockchain data and decentralization.

Covalent’s Participation at ETHDenver 

Please come say hi and connect with us! We will be speaking at the following side events: 

Decentralized Infura Meet: February 22nd - February 23rd

A few weeks back, we announced that Covalent had joined Infura, Microsoft, Tencent and other industry leaders to launch the Decentralized Infura Network (DIN). Join Ganesh Swami, our Co-Founder at all-day sessions on the 22nd and 23rd as we explore various aspects of the network, including a live demo routing traffic to Covalent as the backend.

Builder's Lego Mixer: Build on D/Infra - February 27th

  • This is your chance to step away from the hustle of ETHDenver. Connect with fellow devs, engage in insightful fireside chats with seasoned builders in the d/infra space, and get hands-on with some Lego. Covalent will be chatting about DePIN, scaling, modularity and GoldRush. 

  • Feb 27th - 4:00 PM - 9:00 PM - Bigsby's Folly Craft Winery & Restaurant

  • Link to event: https://lu.ma/i9t4yp20

1KX Event: D/Infra - February 27th

  • Pranay Valson, our Head of Protocol Engineering, speaks at 11:20 AM on preserving pruned and deleted historical state data with the Ethereum Wayback Machine in a decentralized manner post rollup and dank sharding.

  • Feb 27th - 9:00 PM - 5:30 PM - Upper Larmier Denver

  • Link to event: https://dinfra.xyz/

ZetaChain’s Event at Upper Larimer Event Centre - February 29th

  • Ganesh Swami will be joining a panel exploring data in an omnichain world at ZetaChain's Omnichain Day. 

  • Feb 29th - 1:00 PM - 6:00 PM - Upper Larmier Denver

  • Link to event: https://lu.ma/3ixiiawe

Restaking Summit: Old Friends Reunion at the Grand Hyatt Denver - March 1st

  • Ganesh Swami will be moderating a panel discussion with EigenLayer and Celestia called “Road to Hyperscale DA”.

  • March 1st - 2:00 PM - 6:30PM - Grand Hyatt Denver

  • Link to event: https://lu.ma/ofrdenver2024_restaking_summit

More events to be confirmed soon! 

Team Covalent at ETHDenver

Here is the lineup of team members that will be attending each event: 

  • Ganesh Swami, Co-Founder  

  • Jayen Harrill, Marketing Manager 

  • Pranay Valson, Head of Protocol Engineering

  • Leilani Ledingham, Product Manager 

  • David Tso, Growth & Customer Success Lead

  • Ryan Coree, Sales Specialist

Come Talk To Us 

Our team will be in attendance supporting team members presenting and showcasing partner use-cases. Drop by our events to connect, or 

See you all in Denver! 


Covalent (CQT) is shipping data infrastructure for the decentralized ecosystem, solving Long-Term Data Availability for Ethereum—infrastructure that can re-execute blobs and shape AI. With CQT staking now back on Ethereum, The New Dawn of network expansion towards the Ethereum Wayback Machine commences. Today, this means AI use cases have unfettered access to onchain data from over +225 blockchains and growing.

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