Jayen Harill
Marketing Manager

EthDenver 2024 Roundup: A Whirlwind of Innovation and Community

Wow, what a whirlwind! EthDenver 2024 has just wrapped up, and it was nothing short of amazing. With over 450 side events and CNBC providing live coverage all weekend, the buzz was palpable. An impressive 20,000+ attendees from more than 120 countries converged, bringing together a diverse and dynamic community. The creativity and technical prowess were on full display with over 500 hacker submissions showcasing the bleeding edge of blockchain technology.

Hot Topics at EthDenver 2024

The corridors and conference halls were abuzz with discussions on some of the most intriguing and innovative topics in the blockchain space:

DePin: Exploring how decentralized physical infrastructure networks are upending centralized providers.

Data Availability: A key concern for blockchain scalability and security, data availability was a major topic, especially in the context of Ethereum 2.0.

Modular Design: The shift towards modular blockchain design was a focal point, emphasizing flexibility and efficiency in blockchain networks.

Bitcoin L2: Surprising to some, Bitcoin's Layer 2 solutions garnered significant attention, highlighting new use cases and scaling solutions.

Blockchain and AI: Discussions around the convergence of blockchain technology and artificial intelligence, exploring possibilities and ethical considerations.

Farcaster & Frames: The excitement around decentralized social media platforms, specifically Farcaster, and their potential to disrupt traditional social media.

Base: A deep dive into Base, a new Ethereum L2, and its implications for the broader ecosystem.

Blob Storage: A critical upgrade to how Ethereum stores rollup data that will reduce gas fees overall and further securing the rollup ecosystem.

In Case You Missed It: Our Talks at EthDenver

We were thrilled to be part of the conversation at EthDenver. Here are a few of the talks we participated in:

Ethereum Wayback Machine ft. Pranay Valson (Covalent) | D/INFRA SUMMIT


Applying Atomic Design Principles to Modular Wallet Development | Jayen Harrill


Data in Omnichain World: Pyth, Covalent, Subsquid, SocialScan, Particle Network | Omnichain Day 2024


IOSG OFR 11th Panel | Road To Hyperscale DA Solutions


EthDenver in Pictures

We had a great time in Denver. Here are some snapshots capturing the essence and energy of the event:

Wrapping Up: Looking Back and Moving Forward

As we reflect on EthDenver 2024, we're excited about the discussions we had around Covalent's GoldRush and the Ethereum Wayback Machine. These innovations are at the forefront of reimagining blockchain data accessibility and utility.

Missed us at EthDenver? No worries! We're always open to engaging with the community. If you're interested in learning more about how GoldRush can transform your project, or if you want a deep dive into the Ethereum Wayback Machine, or anything else on your mind, please find us with the following.

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