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Fantom Hackathon Q2 2023 - $300K in Prizes and 64 Unique Submissions!

Congratulations to all the Fantom Hackathon participants and prize winners! The Covalent team had the opportunity to evaluate 64 awesome submissions covering some wicked new use cases in Web3, including:

  • Generative art and text integrations

  • New ERC token standards

  • Real-world tools operated by smart contracts

  • And more!

Covalent offered $6K in Covalent API credits to teams building with the Covalent API and chose three epic winners to receive prize amounts of $3K (first place), $2K (second place), and $1K (third place), respectively.

We were thrilled to have Covalent join us as a sponsor alongside AWS for the Fantom hackathon, which opened the door to some truly groundbreaking applications. The Covalent API was a key resource used by prize-winning projects like AA3 and StoryChain to easily access contract events, historical transactions and NFT metadata on Fantom. This hackathon not only showcased the capabilities of our network but also put a spotlight on what can be achieved at the intersection of blockchain and even generative AI technologies.

Samuel Harcourt, Director of Business Development at Fantom

🎉Fantom Hackathon Q2 2023 Winners🎉

  1. AA3 Wallet - The first-ever account abstraction Chrome extension wallet on Fantom

  2. Fantom StoryChain - A collaborating storytelling platform using language and image AI

  3. PhraseMint - A dApp for minting words on the blockchain as NFT metadata

Keep reading to check out their projects!

AA3 Wallet

AA3 Wallet is a Chrome extension wallet that implements account abstraction on the Fantom Network. Users can log in with various providers like Google and Facebook, send batch transactions, and more!

Fantom StoryChain

Fantom StoryChain is a multi-level AI-based dApp where users collaboratively create stories with unique chapters and arts using Language AI, Image AI and NFTs. Each page can belong to a different user and be minted as an NFT viewable on NFTScan or PaintSwap.


PhraseMint allows you to connect your wallet and "mint" a new phrase or word as metadata of an NFT on the blockchain. This token is easy to create and can be used as a one-time password to log into any system that supports smart contracts.

Thanks to all who submitted! Amazing work! To see the full list of projects, click here. 💪

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