StakeKit and Covalent—Driving Innovation in DeFi Asset Management

This case study examines the strategic integration of Covalent’s API with StakeKit, focusing on how real-time blockchain data enhances DeFi platforms.


This case study examines the strategic integration of Covalent’s API with StakeKit, focusing on how real-time blockchain data enhances DeFi asset management platforms. StakeKit, renowned for its self-custodial yield API, leverages Covalent’s detailed token balance insights to offer users a comprehensive view of their digital assets.

StakeKit Overview

StakeKit emerges as a leader in decentralized finance (DeFi) by offering a self-custodial yield API that aggregates over 500 yield opportunities, including staking, restaking, liquid staking, yield vaults, and lending pools. The platform was developed over 18 months with a vision to make earning yield in self-custodial wallets as straightforward as on centralized exchanges (CEXs), while ensuring users retain full control over their funds.

Integration with Zerion’s Earn Section

StakeKit powers Zerion's new Earn section, providing a user-friendly interface that enables users to manage and grow their digital asset portfolio across more than 13 blockchain networks. This integration showcases StakeKit’s commitment to simplifying the user experience in accessing diverse DeFi yields and enhancing safety.


Before integrating Covalent’s API, StakeKit faced the challenge of providing users with real-time, accurate token balances across multiple blockchains, which was essential for effective asset management and decision-making in DeFi investments.

Covalent offers a robust API that provides detailed ERC-20, ERC-721, ERC-1155 and native token balances for any wallet address. By integrating this API, StakeKit leverage’s Covalent's extensive blockchain data to enhance its application's functionality and user experience.

Integration Details

The integration involved connecting StakeKit’s backend systems with Covalent’s API endpoints. This allowed StakeKit to fetch real-time balance information for a wide range of crypto tokens, which is crucial for applications dealing with multiple staking and yield opportunities.

Covalent’s intuitive product provided a smooth integration process, allowing the teams to successfully deploy the integration with minimal downtime.

Features Enhanced by Integration

Real-Time Balance Insights

With Covalent's API, StakeKit users now enjoy up-to-the-minute updates on their token balances directly within the app. This real-time data is vital for managing staking positions and responding quickly to market changes.

Asset Management

Users can now track their assets more efficiently, with detailed insights into their portfolios. This visibility makes it easier to plan and execute staking strategies across different tokens and networks.

User Interface Enhancements

StakeKit’s interface now seamlessly integrates detailed balance data, providing a more intuitive and informative user experience. This integration helps in keeping all relevant financial information in one place, making it easier for users to make informed decisions.


The integration of Covalent’s API with StakeKit presents a multitude of benefits for all parties involved. For StakeKit, the partnership has led to improved platform functionality and user satisfaction, which in turn has driven increased user engagement and higher adoption rates. Covalent benefits from this collaboration by demonstrating the versatility and reliability of their API in a live DeFi application, thereby expanding their visibility and validating their use case within the DeFi ecosystem.

Most importantly, end-users experience significant advantages; they enjoy an enhanced user experience with more powerful tools for financial management, and gain greater empowerment through access to accessible, detailed, and actionable financial data. This synergy not only boosts the operational capabilities of both platforms but also enriches the overall user experience in managing digital assets.


The successful integration of Covalent’s API into StakeKit marks a significant advancement in DeFi asset management. Looking forward, both companies aim to expand their collaboration to include additional blockchain networks and more advanced data features, driving further innovation in the DeFi space.

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